Paul Matthyssens, PhD

Paul Matthyssens, PhD
  • Value Creation
  • Business Markets
  • Global Business
  • Strategic Management
  • Buyer-Supplier Relations

Dean Antwerp Management School


Paul Matthyssens is Dean of Antwerp Management School, professor of Strategic Management at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and Chair of Commission of Enquiry (Faculty of Applied Economics). He is also professor of Global Strategic Management at Antwerp Management School (Belgium) where he also teaches in various executive programs. Over the last ten years he is also a regular lecturer in executive programs at Copenhagen Business School (SIMI) and Stockholm School of Economics (IFL). He taught at several Italian universities (Florence, Bologna, Rimini, Pescara, etc.) and teaches global B2B marketing at the Master in International Business Engineering from Finmeccanica (Rome).

His research focuses on strategic buyer-supplier relations, value creation strategies, market strategy and strategic innovation in international and business-to-business markets. His work has been published in journals such as Strategic Organization, Long Range Planning, Industrial Marketing Management, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of International Marketing, International Marketing Review, Journal of International Management, Journal of Service Management, Technovation, Journal of Management Studies, Corporate Governance: An International Review, Journal of Business Research and Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management. Besides management training & consultancy for multinational companies, Matthyssens consults sector federations, governmental and provincial district authorities on their innovation, sector policies and regional policy.



  • Berghman, L., P. Matthyssens, S. Streukens and K. Vandenbempt (2013), “Deliberate learning mechanisms for stimulating strategic innovation capacity”, Long Range Planning, 46 (1-2), 39-71.
  • Van Bockhaven,  W., P. Matthyssens and K. Vandenbempt and (2013), “Structural antecedents of institutional entrepreneurship in industrial networks: A critical realist explanation”, Industrial Marketing Management, 42(3), April, 405-420.
  • Vanderstraeten, J. and P. Matthyssens (2012), "Service-based differentiation strategies for business incubators: exploring external and internal alignment", Technovation, 32(12), pp. 653-716.
  • Buyl, T., C. Boone, W. and P. Matthyssens (2011), ‘'Upper echelons and managerial cognition”, Strategic Organization, 9(3), August, 240-246.
  • Buyl, T., C. Boone, W. Hendriks and P. Matthyssens (2011), ‘'Top Management Team Functional Diversity and Firm Performance: The Moderating Role of CEO Characteristics', Journal of Management Studies, 48(1), (January), 151-177.

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