Steven Van Garsse, PhD

Steven Van Garsse, PhD
  • Public Law
  • Government Organizations
  • Public Procurement
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Privatization

Academic Director, Executive Master in het Publiek Management


Steven Van Garsse lectures and specialises in public law, in particular the field of public procurement, concessions, public private partnerships, government goods, privatisation, semi governmental organisations and government administrations.

Steven is an expert member of the team of specialists on PPPs, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. He was and is involved in setting up several  PPP projects and the restructuring of government organisations. He has written many articles on PPPs, government real estate and public procurement and is inter alia editor-in-chief of a looseleaf on the externalisation of public services (verzelfstandiging en samenwerking), board member of the European Public Private Partnerships Law review.




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