Ann Verhetsel, PhD

Ann Verhetsel, PhD
  • Geography
  • Urban Planning
  • Regional Economics
  • Mobility
  • Real Estate


Ann Verhetsel(°1960) is a Professor of Economic Geography and Regional Economics at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). Her activities focus on the interface between economics, geography and spatial planning. She has a Ph.D. in Geography and an academic training in Town and Country Planning as well as a Masters degree in Education. She teaches introductory courses of Human Geography and Economic Geography, and advanced courses in Regional Economics (Real Estate - UAMS and MEMR).

Within the Department of Transport and Regional Economics of the University of Antwerp she is responsable for the field of regional economics; as such in recent years strategic research was done for the federal government concerning 'sustainable cities – edge cities – location of economic activities', ‘location of shopping’, 'sustainable mobility – modelling activity patterns', ‘commuting’ and ‘mobility management’; for the Flemish government about ‘transformations in the location of economic activities’,‘mobility plans', 'housing', ‘the relation between spatial policy and policy on mobility’. She was promoter of both the Policy Research Centers on Spatial Planning and on Commodity flows (2007-2011) and she was promoter of the IWT-SBO project SP2SP on strategic planning of commercial locations (2005-2009); for the province Antwerp and the National Bank of Belgium on the 'relationship between port and urban economics'; also for the province she coordinates a project on the Development of a strategic vision on the economic policy of the Province of Antwerp; for the city of Antwerp on regional economic themes.

Ann Verhetsel is a former member of COST-A9 on Urban Governance (Civitas) and COST-A26 on European city-regions and now member of COST TU1002 on accessibility and planning; she is member of NECTAR and organized the conference in 2011 in Antwerp. She was the chair of PROCORO Antwerp (Provincial Commission on Spatial Planning) and member of the MORA  (Flanders Mobility council) and GDI-council (Flanders Geographical Data Infrastructure council).



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