Family business


Research indicates that family businesses are of major importance for the Antwerp economy. Antwerp Management School’s basic pillars – self-awareness, a global citizen’s perspective and societal consciousness – are tangible in the rights and obligations of the family and their business on the one hand and the focus on the entrepreneur’s personality and individual talents on the other. We are happy to share this expertise through courses, events, research and blog posts.


Knowledge Community


Vision of the Knowledge Community

Het is onze ambitie om een community uit te bouwen in Vlaanderen voor familiebedrijven die bereid zijn de status quo in vraag te stellen en zichzelf willen heruitvinden, met als doel om het familiebedrijf klaar te stomen voor de volgende 25 jaar.

Mission of the Knowledge Community

Onze community richt zich tot familiebedrijven en haar leiders van vandaag en morgen. Via opleiding, activiteiten en onderzoek biedt ze een ideale mix van praktijkinzicht, wetenschappelijke expertise en individuele begeleiding. Doordat ze wordt aangedreven door een gerenommeerde business school, staat ze garant voor uiterst kwalitatieve en professionele ondersteuning van haar leden. 

Main activities
  • Custom-made education for family business
  • Workshops and interactive sessions on sharing of knowledge and experiences
  • Presentations, lectures and events, both in-house as on location
  • Knowledge creation based on publications and research commissioned by businesses, organization and government


Family businesses can join our community regardless of their size. There’s two options: silver membership or gold membership. This membership provides access to our platform on which we share expertise and stories that will inspire family business to keep working on their future growth and development.

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The programs within the domain Family Business are available for several themes and kinds, but always brought by experts with a sound academic foundation. We focus especially on family succession and continuity throughout generations.



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Our Family Business Community addresses family business and their leaders of today and tomorrow. Via training, activities, and research, we offer an ideal mix of practical insight, scientific expertise and individual coaching. Because it is driven by a renowned business school, it guarantees a qualitative and professional support to her members.

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