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M2 is the recently established alumni association of the graduates of Antwerp Management School’s MITGA and MEITA programs.

In 2014, a number of graduates decided to initiate the M2 alumni group to exchange thoughts and ideas on the topic and to stay in touch with each other. Nostalgia played an important role as well, as the students experienceed many unforgettable moments during the two years of their Master program.

With the support of Antwerp Management School, the members of M2 will serve as ambassadors of the MEITA and MITGA, or equivalent Master classes, by promoting and drawing attention to other programs, as well as by taking part in activities to keep professionals up to date on recent developments in the areas of IT Governance and Enterprise Architecture.

Professor Steven De Haes, Phd: “As Academic Director of the program, it is motivating to watch our programs getting a second life thanks to the enthusiasm of our alumni. With the help of this new initiative, we can further develop the knowledge area where business and information technology intertwine.”

Some examples of activities we aim to establish:

  • Lifelong Learning: interactive courses and lectures, at least twice a year
  • Networking activities: ‘What can we do for you?’, with a small reception.
  • Support Antwerp Management School and its students: participate in research projects and Master projects

Frans, Koen, Niek and Peter
MEITA and MITGA graduates, 2014