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Executive PhD candidates & their research

We’re proud to introduce you to our current Executive PhD candidates*. Have a look and explore the interesting research topics they are currently working on. Intrigued and want to know more about one of the topics? Feel free to reach out via the LinkedIn button.

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*who have completed Stage 1 of the Executive PhD program.


Akkus Inci

Topic: Lobbying in an autocracy: intellectual property and medical equipment firms in China

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Al-Issa Nermain

Topic: Luxury Consumption in The Islamic Market: Why Do Muslims Purchase Luxury Products in The Post-modern Liquid Market and How Does Individuals’ Level of Religiosity Affect Their Luxury Purchasing Intentions?

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Ayoub Maysam

Topic: Intra-firm audit quality variation

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Boukadidi Mounir

Topic: The Digitally Enabled High Performance Organization: How Digital technology moderates the impact of data exploration & exploitation dualities on the decision making of first responder's organizations, and how this shapes contextual ambidexterity of decision makers under crisis and uncertainty. Case Study of the Fire Services Brigade of Antwerp.

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Braiteh Dima

Topic: The Impact of the Paradoxical Leadership Behavior on the Employee Well-Being in the context of Organizational change

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Canale Segovia Fernanda

Topic: Family Influence on Family Firms' Ambidextrous Orientation

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Chaara Mohammed

Topic: Organizational Learning in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: A Common Framework for Business Adoption
“mens et machinae manibus”

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Chinchanikar Sameer Shankar

Topic: Coopetition dynamics : An interaction perspective

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Cortese Alessandro Jacques

Topic: A configurational approach to improving Radiotherapy patient’s outcomes in Europe

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Daelman Ilse

Topic: Women entrepreneurs: career motives and success drivers

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Deblond Alexander

Topic: Human Capital Characteristics of Irish, Swiss and Belgian High Technology Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the relation to their International Entry Mode strategy

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Deif Nadine

Topic: The Impact of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) Rulings on Companies’ Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and Host Countries’ Present and Future Public Policies

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Dobson David

Topic: Message Valence, Temporal Orientation, and Specificity: The Effects of Framing on Attitudes and Intentions

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Friedl Clemens

Topic: Explaining boundary conditions for successful and unsuccessful servitization in the aviation industry

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Hänle Fabian

Topic: Internationalization and foreign direct investment strategies of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Hidden Champion firms from Germany and China

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Heise Denis

Topic: A clockwork analysis of the macroeconomic value drivers of private equity backed industrial companies

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Hendricks Leeya

Topic: Value co-creation in B2B digital technology platforms

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Jensen Duane

Topic: The impact of Institutional complexity on knowledge creation

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Kruisinga Bucsea Simona

Topic: How I get along with my sales manager matters: the moderating effect of LMX on sales management competencies and customer mindset

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Ladurner Oliver

Topic: Interim Management - A contribution to M&A Success

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Leder Hendrik

Topic: Turnaround in Endgames

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León y Vélez Avelar Jorge Arturo

Topic: The nature, extent and effectiveness of CSR communication using social media in Mexico

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Lin Shiqiang

Topic: The Machine Learning Approaches for Chinese SME Credit Risk Assessment

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Moors Jürgen

Topic: Influence of organizational culture and leadership on the introduction of big data projects in a manufacturing environment

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Munteanu Dorinela

Topic: Setting the pace of internationalization in SME’s: a configurational analysis of entrepreneur’s personality, firm- and environment-level conditions

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Neyrinck Marc

Topic: Start me up: Towards a better understanding on how new ventures acquire their first customer

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Nickl Tracy

Topic: Having An Intentional Personal Brand In Social Media Matters - For Both Wealth Managers And Their Firms

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Pavelko Alexander

Topic: Language impact on prosocial behaviour

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Peeters Michaël

Topic: The impact of smart technologies on real estate value

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Peng Peng

Topic: How to create more customer value in independent coffee shops? - A set-theoretic approach to value creation

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Puthenpurackal Chakko Joseph

Topic: An Agile Portfolio Framework to Govern Enterprise IT Investments

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Raps Filip

Topic: Leading in turbulent times - threat rigidity and sensemaking during repetitive organizational change.

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Sanchez-Stahmer Darby

Topic: Chinese Economic Statecraft and OFDI: Case Studies from Central America

Scheipers Geert

Topic: Perspectives on manager’s use of mental models

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Tuominen Ville

Topic: A predictive model to enable successful customer value management in digital transformation by increasing perceived customer value

Van de Goorberg Peter

Topic: The corporatization of an entrepreneurial firm: A multi-level approach

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Vanoorbeek Hans

Topic: A constitutive view on Entrepreneurial buyouts. Towards a conceptual framework

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Vriesacker Koen

Topic: What, if any, are the antecedents of strong network participation in goal directed organisation networks?

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Wuytens Chris

Topic: Self determination theory and the service profit chain. Needs fulfillment in the customer and employee satisfaction process

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Xu Fajun

Topic: How and When Does Age Diversity Promote Firm Performance? The Mediation of Diversity Management and Employees’ Participation in Decision Making and the Moderation of Diversity Legitimacy Logic