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J. André de Barros Teixeira

J. André de Barros Teixeira

Function Executive Professor


  • Innovation
  • Ideation
  • Interface Technology-Marketing
  • Global Business
  • Consumer Goods
  • Multiculturalism in Business

Dr.Teixeira is an Associate Partner and member of the Advisory Board of Globalpraxis, a consulting firm in
Barcelona, Spain; Partner at Keiryo Packaging, a technology start-up in Luxembourg; Advisor and partner at
Wine With Spirit, an award winning wine start-up in Lisbon, Portugal; Visiting Professor at CEIBS-Zurich Institute
of Business, Switzerland; Visiting Professor of Leadership and Innovation, and advisor at the University of
Fortaleza, Brazil, Director at the Flowr Corporation in Canada, and Chief Corporate Officer at Holigen Ltd in
Malta; He is also a consultant in the areas of innovation, business development, multiculturalism in business,
global development, motivation, story-telling, ideation etc., and mentor of CEOs and executives.

He was General Manager, Innovation, at BBD in Australia, Entrepreneur in Residence at CSIRO, Commonwealth
Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Australia and, prior to that, Global Chief R&D and Quality
Officer of Goodman Fielder Ltd., based in Sydney, Australia. He was President and Founding Partner of eemPOK,
a boutique consulting firm specialized in Experiential Innovation, based in Belgium. Formerly in his career, he
was Vice-President, International, Research and Development of the Campbell Soup Co, based in Belgium and
the USA, Global Vice-President of Technology Development and Innovation at Interbrew in Belgium, President
and General Manager of Coca-Cola Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, based in Moscow, Region Manager, Coca-
Cola Ukraine/Belarus in Kiev, Vice-President and General Manager of The Coca-Cola Global Development
Centre, Europe, Africa and Middle East in Brussels, Belgium, Director of Operations of Coca-Cola Services
(Europe), Vice-President of Research & Development of Coca-Cola Far East, based in Hong Kong, Assistant
Director, Corporate R&D at The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, USA, Vice-President, Research & Development,
Coca-Cola South Latin America, etc. in a long career, including 23 years with The Coca-Cola Company in West
and Eastern Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

A creator of an ideation technique now used worldwide and of a management development program based on
the Classics, Dr. Teixeira is a frequent guest speaker at conferences. He was for twelve years a member of the
board of directors of ProLogis, Denver, USA, the NYSE listed global leader in industrial real estate, and a member
of the board of directors of EskoArtwork, a printing technology company based in Belgium, then owned by Axcel,
Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Teixeira was for seven years Chairman of the Board of the International School of
Brussels, the largest English language educational institution in Belgium, where he is now an honorary trustee.
He holds graduate and post-graduate degrees (BSc, MSc, MBA, PhD) in Philosophy, Industrial Chemistry, Food
Science and Business Administration from the universities of Cambridge, Reading and Oxford in the UK.
Dr. Teixeira is a Belgian citizen who lived in eighteen countries, speaks ten languages and now lives in Portugal,
with his family.