Luuk Van Waes

Luuk Van Waes


  • Strategic Communication
  • Business Communication
  • Organisational Communication
  • Writing Research
  • Digital Media

Prof.dr. Luuk van Waes is Full Professor Professional Communication at the University of Antwerp ( Management Department). He teaches courses on oral and written business communication at the Faculty of Applied Economics, the Master in Multilingual Professional Communication and at Antwerp Management School.

His research is aimed at the influence of digital media on the written communication in organisations. The emphasis lies on the use of speech technologies (for example live subtitles), multi-modality and the introduction of new communication platforms (such as Twitter). Also methodological aspects of the written process research is an important item in his research (cf. Inputlog, Luuk Van Waes published his research in a variety of international journals and was editor for various books ( e.g. ‘Writing and Digital Media’ and ‘Writing and Cognition’). He is also the editor of Journal of Writing Research (