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Lifelong learning for real estate professionals

MRE 3 – 4 EVER is the new lifelong learning formula of the MRE program. MRE 3 is inspired on the MRE 1 and MRE 2 terminology, referring to the first and second academic year of the Master’s in Real Estate Management. With MRE 3 -4 EVER we offer our MRE alumni a continuous personal development.

The MRE program exists since 1995 and has of course been updated since.  Every year there are some changes and MRE alumni may feel that they have missed an interesting topic taught in the new MRE program. The MRE 3 – 4 EVER is an opportunity to come back to catch up with the new topics in the program and on top of that offers additional, current and relevant topics that cannot be offered during the MRE program.

You can also attend these lessons if you are not an MRE alumnus. 


Each year three classes will be organized. This year, we’ll kick off in October.

Tuesday 16/10/2018 Omgevingsvergunning (environmental license) – guest lecture by STIBBE
Tuesday 19/02/2019 Blockchain in Real Estate – guest lecture by KPMG
Tuesday 04/06/2019 Ondergrondse projectontwikkeling (how to build real estate underground)
– guest lecture by VRP

Praktical information


Tuesdays from 6 pm to 9:30 pm

  • MRE students: € 50 per class, € 135 for three classes
  • MRE alumni: € 175 per class, € 450 for three classes
  • Other real estate professionals: € 195 per class, € 525 for three classes

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Questions about MRE 3 - 4 EVER? Get in touch.