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AMS Executive MBA maintains its number one position in Belgium

AMS Executive MBA maintains its number one position in Belgium

October 29, 2020

AMS Executive MBA maintains its number one position in Belgium

Moving up 7 places in the Worldwide Top 100 Ranking, AMS is now in position 55 and maintains its number 1 position in Belgium!

Antwerp Management School is once more included in the Financial Times Worldwide Top 100 Ranking for Executive MBAs and was ranked 55th. This puts the program in first place in Belgium. The ranking was published on Monday October 26th on the FT website, and is based on data requested by the Financial Times from both business schools and alumni.

“We are particularly pleased that we get strong results in the highly competitive EMBA world market based on criteria that are fully in line with our school’s DNA", says Prof. Dr. Steven De Haes, Dean of AMS. "Being nr. 16 worldwide on corporate social responsibility and nr. 21 worldwide on international experience is a recognition of the school’s focus on creating societal consciousness and an international mindset.”

One of the pillars of the EMBA program is the international experience. A pillar we devote a lot of time and attention to, with our international immersion modules that we keep on developing, together with Prof. dr. Goran Milenkovic, expert in international business management. We are therefore very glad to see our good ranking on this level: 21 worldwide for International Course Experience and in the top 10 on the European level. Not only AMS, but also our international partners in China (Lingnan College) and Russia (IBS / Ranepa) are doing extremely well in the current ranking, which will help further strengthen our international experience.

We can also be proud of the diversity in our program and in our business school: 39% of our faculty and 34% of our students are female, and 69% of our board is international.

Finally, we can state that our participants are very satisfied with the results of their time and investment in this program. If we look at the results on that level, we can proudly mention that 76% say that they achieved the goals they’ve set before starting the program. This is reflected in our rankings and alumni data, as we went up 21 places to rank 69 for career progress and the average salary increase after graduation is 52%.

In the coming years, AMS has plans to further develop the EMBA. Together with Prof. dr. Wayne Visser we’ll strengthen the impact of sustainable thinking on our curriculum. The EMBA group that started recently, was introduced to the new Leadership Track Personal Development Program, under the expert guidance of Prof. dr. Steven Poelmans and with the integration of our NeuroTrainingLab. We keep on developing and strengthening these aspects in our program in order to facilitate each participant’s personal growth plan.

Even though we have gone through (and are still experiencing) some very challenging and disruptive times, education is and remains very important. Certainly it’s now that we need leaders who have the necessary skills to tackle the challenges in our fast-changing society times and help organizations and society as a whole to make their way through this. We have noticed that a lot of managers felt the urge to invest their time in improving their leadership skills, and at the same time, learn from like-minded peers coming from very different backgrounds.

We are very happy to have welcomed a diverse group of 35 new interesting individuals in October during our residential seminar. Respecting all the social distancing rules, we succeeded in giving them a great first experience of the EMBA program with inspiring sessions by Steven Poelmans and Ben Podevyn, and of course, quality time to get to know each other.

The annual ranking of the Financial Times is an important selection criterion for students in their search for the a business school. In combination with the corporate mission of AMS, aimed at critical self-reflection, intercultural cooperation and sustainability, this makes AMS a strong (learning) partner for (future) participants and companies.

View the full ranking table here.

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