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Bruno Baert

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This program is taught in English

About the program

Organizations today are faced with new forces in their competitive environment. Disruptive powers are at work to completely change the known business dynamics. Borders between sectors are blurring. Traditional distribution channels and pipelines are being challenged. The emergence of ‘new’ ecosystems enforces new ways of working. As a senior manager, you face a crucial challenge: how to effectively develop and implement a sustainable strategy with impact?

Our faculty in Business Strategy & Leadership takes you through the entire process of formulating and implementing a strategy that leads your organization to success.

Take things a step further

This structure allows us to take things a step further than classic strategy programs. You will not only receive the necessary know-how, tips and tricks to strengthen your strategy, you will also go through a personal development trajectory that will not only reinforce you as a manager, but your entire management team and/or organization as well.

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Including NeuroTrainingLabTM

Extra bonus: you will be a front-runner when it comes to discovering the power of the neuroscience
technique, through the integration of leadership sessions in the only NeuroTrainingLabTM in Belgium.

Learning objectives

After following this program, you can: 

  • Translate the complexity of your environment into a clear outline for strategy.
  • Make the why, what and how explicit with a clear and robust mission, vision and strategy.
  • Set to work with innovative strategy frameworks.
  • Transform your strategic goals into a set of KPIs and use them in a motivating manner.
  • Embed and optimize your strategy execution processes.
  • Identify technology trends trends that may disrupt your business model.
  • Enable your processes, products & services and business models by smartly adopting a digital strategy.

  • Identify whether you have the necessary competences to enable digital transformation.
  • Allocate scarce resources wisely to a portfolio of business and ICT initiatives.
  • Develop and affect cognitive styles and motives to lead organizational change.
  • Integrate skills of self-leadership and gain fundamental knowledge about one´s own sense of purpose, vision, and leadership.
  • Learn how to develop effective interpersonal relationships in the workplace, and especially how to develop high performance management teams.
  • Learn how to lead organizations and implement strategic change.
  • Know the difference between being a good manager or executive and an inspirational leader.


This Master Class is based on 3 equally important pillars:

  1. Formulate and execute your strategy;
  2. Use/implement the right technology and processes;
  3. Capture the ‘human’ challenges associated with transformation.



This program is made for managers who:

  • are prepared to support and guide their organization to the next level of maturity.
  • want to translate new technologies into impact for their business.
  • have a vision and are looking for ways to bring it into practice.
  • question the status quo of their organization or existing management practices and want to be innovative.
  • want to support their organization and give direction to the organization’s strategy.
  • want to give real meaning to the words disruption, platform, innovative labor organization, networking, co-creation, etc.

Possible positions are: CEO’s, CFO’s, Controllers, CIO’s, IT managers, COO’s, Operations directors, CHRO’s, HR managers, Business & Division & general managers, CMO’s, marketing managers, members of a management team.

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Need advice in selecting the right program? I'm here to help.

Bruno Baert

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Bruno Baert

Need advice in selecting the right program?
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