Executive Fashion Program

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This program is taught in English

A cooperation between Antwerp Management School and Little Star Brands Group


China is one of the largest markets for luxury consumption, while it also has a great market capacity for mass fashion. Although China is second to none when it comes to buying luxury goods, it is barely represented when it comes to making them and Chinese firms are struggling to develop their own luxury goods. 

The most pressing challenge of today’s Chinese fashion industry is the ability to establish legitimacy in the eyes of consumers within (as well as outside) China. Due to increased accessibility to the internet, increasing product knowledge and surging purchasing power, mainland consumers in China are developing higher demands in terms of quality and comfort in clothing. Consumers are concerned about “labels of material composition” and the product’s impact on “health”. Chinese consumers are also looking for more innovation, personalization, interaction, value for money, convenience, and they know what’s in demand globally. Large and small companies, established players as well as newcomers in the fashion industry will have to be very clear on what their brand stands for and translate that to every customer, online and offline.

To support Chinese fashion entrepreneurs in enhancing their brands and expanding their businesses, we offer a unique insight into the European Fashion industry.

The goals of this program is to enable participants to:

  • Make their brand stand out from the crowd;
  • Maintain the dynamics of creativity and innovation inside the company;
  • Build a brand platform;
  • Better understand the creative process and the specific management steps to take with a creative team.

Our offering

This executive program is all about the lessons that can be learned from European fashion brands and connection with different players in the fashion industry. It’s about sharing and connecting, inspiration, but also reflection and discussion.

It’s about experiencing the European fashion and design vibe from 2 perspectives:

  • Antwerp: the creative and entrepreneurial city, home to new trends and a legendary avant-garde movement, including such innovators as The Antwerp 6. Dubbed by many ‘the Paris of the North’, Antwerp has become a mecca for those seeking to push the design envelope just that little bit further.

  • London: an iconic design destination, home to the world’s most coveted fashion stars. Fueled by its sheer size, its diverse population and a sense of humor and anarchy, London nurtures a spirit of adventure that has put the city firmly on the fashion map.

Our program

This 8-day program runs from November 13 to November 21.

Topics: Antwerp
  • Day 1: Experiencing Fashion in Antwerp
  • Day 2: Brands & Creativity
  • Day 3: Brands & Strategy
  • Day 4: Fashion Talks
  • Day 5: Brands & Innovation
  • Day 6: Brands & Value
Topics: London
  • Day 7: Experiencing Creativity in London
  • Day 8: Brands & Imagination

About Little Star Brands Group

Little Star Brands Group  is the leading enterprise of high-end maternal and infant industry in China. They offer high-quality parent-child experiences including shopping, entertainment, education, and reading. The Little Star Brands Group’s mission is to provide an advanced solution of modern lifestyle that is up to international standards for China’s middle class and above. Little Star deals with its own and with distributed international brands that are being delicately selected in the areas of design, craftsmanship and quality.

Little Star has established alliances with universities in China to build talents within business enterprises as well as society-at-large. The partnership with Antwerp Management School is the group’s first alliance with a business school outside of China.

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Need advice in selecting the right program? I'm here to help.

Need advice in selecting the right program?
I'm here to help.
 +32 3 265 47 60