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Executive MBA
Why the EMBA at AMS?

Executive MBA - Why the EMBA at AMS?

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Why the EMBA at AMS?

The Executive MBA at Antwerp Management School is so much more than just another master’s degree. Our EMBA stands for academic knowledge as well as personal skills development, for a comprehensive international experience as well as better career opportunities, for global friendships for life as well as personalized attention. This EMBA will make you a very complete person ready to face today’s challenges and not afraid to go after new opportunities. Watch the video from our own Academic Director or read below to find good reasons to follow an EMBA.

1. High ranked and accredited

  • The Financial Times Rankings – flexible, dynamic, entrepreneurial

Going up 30 places in the FT Ranking in the last 3 years (from rank #81 to #55), Antwerp Management School has shown its future-forward thinking.

  • International recognition by the most important accreditation bodies

2. A strong and well-developed program design

The balanced combination of academic knowledge, personal development, international experience, career opportunities and life-long friendships makes our program a life-changing experience.

What are the strengths of our program?

  • An international education unlike any other in the market. Our level of internationalization in the design and delivery of the Executive MBA far surpasses what is available in any other similarly ranked EMBA program.
  • A unique personal development program: The groundbreaking technology of the NeuroTrainingLab gives us data to start a personal development journey in which our professional coaches will guide you in several intensive sessions to become a confident manager with an open mind and high level of self-awareness.
  • Our small-sized classes allow for intensive networking and the building of life-long friendships, while the combination of 3 international groups from different locations gives you a real immersion in an international environment.
  • Our Positive Impact Project, designed by one of the world’s thought leaders in sustainable transformation, Wayne Visser, gives you a unique perspective on how sustainable transformation will help you make your business skills resilient for the future.
  • The entrepreneurial & innovation project, designed to promote innovation and to put new skills developed in the classroom into practice.

3. Strong partnerships

The close partnerships with well-chosen institutions such as IBS (a partner for more than 20 years in Russia) and ESSCA School of Management (one of the most well-known and recognized business schools in France) makes the program a reference in the international market.

We’ve chosen to work together, because we share the same values and mindset. We don’t claim to know it all, but we cultivate an open mind culture within our programs, giving students the tools to understand the world. Working with faculty from all over the world, sharing knowledge and insights, as well as creating a diverse group of participants with different perspectives – All of which serve to enrich their learning experience.

We believe in a higher purpose for executive education; that of creating a positive impact on society (reflected by our new ranking by the World Economic Forum in Davos, in January 2020).

IBS Moscow

Since its inception, Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow) within RANEPA has been a leader in the Russian business education market. IBS-Moscow is a collegiate business school operating on RANEPA’s premises in Moscow. IBS-Moscow was founded in 1988 within the Moscow State University of International Relations, nationally known for strong international expertise. In 1994, IBS-Moscow transferred to RANEPA and became its homogeneous structural unit.

A combination of the international expertise of the Moscow State University of International Relations and RANEPA’s rich experience in preparing capable managers and executives has contributed to the broad recognition of IBS-Moscow in Russia and CIS countries. As a collegiate business school and RANEPA’s structural unit, IBS has access to the human and material resources required to ensure the high quality of our learning programs.

IBS-Moscow has provided educational services to a total of over 35,000 students and managers from Russia and CIS countries. Nearly 8,000 of our graduates are active members of IBS-Moscow Alumni Association.

IBS Mission Statement

IBS-Moscow educates and forms the new generation of the socially-responsible, entrepreneurial and managerial elite of Russia, and advances Russian business education.

ESSCA School of Management

Founded in 1909 in Angers, in the Loire Valley in the west of France, ESSCA is one of the top French graduate schools of management. With several campuses in France and abroad, ESSCA offers a range of bachelor’s and master’s programs to French and international students.

ESCCA Mission Statement

ESSCA School of Management creates knowledge and develops responsible managers and entrepreneurs, while fully considering the human, ethical and economic dimensions of organizations in a multicultural environment driven by technology and social innovations.

ESSCA Paris campus

Located on the banks of the River Seine, west of Paris, this area is a major economic center in the Paris region, employing 100,000 people and home to many corporate head offices. The school is served by a variety of public transport (metro, bus and tram) making access to the center of Paris and the rest of the area easier.

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A question about this program?