Growth management for SMEs with ambition


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About the program

For many SMEs, ‘growth’ is not an unambiguous element. How can my enterprise grow in a sustainable way? How do I understand this growth, so that it is manageable? How do I handle growing pains? AMS is your partner on this journey, with this practical, short-term training on Growth Management. By means of elaborated scans of your company, 5 half course days and consultancy at your company, we gain the maximum from a minimum time expenditure.

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Growth Management

Omar Mohout is professor of Entrepreneurship and cofounder of this Growth Management course

Concrete advice for concrete actions

This program teaches you how you can grow as an SME in an increasingly complex world. Before you get started, we make an elaborated ‘Road to Growth’ scan of your company to give you clear insights on the issues of your business. Based on the scan results, you get started working on your internal growth (vision & strategy, hiring & firing and user centricity) and your external growth (innovation MVP/USP, go to market, pricing & sales). These analyses give you clear suggestions on the actions you should be taking.

We inspire you with concrete cases and provide you with the necessary tools that will enable you to better manage internal as well as external growth.

At the end of the program, we visit you twice at your company premises, to give you personal support in the changes you will be implementing. 


  • Get insights on the growth potential of your business.
  • Be able to manage growth.
  • Be able to stimulate growth.
  • Learn how to align internal and external growth.


You have to prepare for the consequences of growth, whether it is infrastructure, staff or goods. It can creak but not burst.

Omar Mohout

The program consists of three parts:

Analysis: During the kick-off phase, we look at the context of your enterprise. This is an important starting point to be able to take the necessary steps. Furthermore, you will analyze where your organization stands in terms of internal and external growing elements using a framework.

Internal growth: You look at your internal growth from a ‘Design-Driven Organizations’ framework. You focus on several aspects that are crucial to becoming an innovative organization. Which internal elements are requirements for sustainable growth? Which concrete steps can you take to be structurally innovative and to create growth in this way?

External growth: From a value-driven viewpoint, you will look at the external growth of your enterprise. How can you detect, create and capture added value on the market? You learn how to work with a validated methodology to support your efforts. Furthermore, you will look at the external elements that are necessary to be able to achieve sustainable growth.

For whom?

This program targets all entrepreneurs and managers with ambitions, who want to grow their organization.

Typical profiles are: general managers, engineers, R&D managers, innovation managers, brand managers, product managers, sales managers, marketing managers, etc.


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Need advice in selecting the right program? I'm here to help.


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Need advice in selecting the right program?
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