HRM for Public & Social Profit Sector


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This program is taught in Dutch

About the program

This program gives you the building blocks of HRM and concepts of social innovation, new ways of working and talent management, focused on the public and social profit sector.

In a social context with constant change, pressure to realize policies in an efficient manner increases in the public & social profit sector. With fewer resources, limited budgets, constantly changing legislation and civilians making more demands, managers in public and social profit are faced with big challenges.

Embedded in a social awareness perspective, Antwerp Management School wants to give a strong impulse to the professionalization of public institutions and social profit organizations by offering hands-on courses tailored to the specific management needs of the sector.

Learning objectives

After attending this program:

  • You will be able to see HR theme’s in a bigger picture.
  • You will be able to add additional value to discussions regarding HR Governance in your organization.
  • You will gain insight in the link between HR and leadership, HR and engagement, HR and the strategy of your organization.


This program “HRM for Public and Social Profit Organizations” is part of the “Postgraduate Public & Social Profit Management”. The postgraduate consists of 4 modules, which can be followed separately, and a personal leadership track:

You can only participate in the personal leadership track if you register for the full postgraduate.


This course is designed for managers, staff positions and specialists from the public and social profit sector who want to increase their management expertise, develop further and gain a broader perspective on the organization. Attendants typically come from municipalities, OCMW’s, schools, cities, small and large non-profit organizations, Flemish governmental institutions, hospitals, care centers, etc.

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Need advice in selecting the right program? I'm here to help.


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Need advice in selecting the right program?
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