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Master Class Innovative Labor Organization
Curriculum & faculty

Masterclass Innovative Labor Organization - Curriculum & faculty

Curriculum & faculty

Setting the scene (day 1)

We start with a two-day residential seminar where you will get immersed in the concept of Innovative Labor Organization. What lies behind this trendy umbrella term for 'all initiatives to improve the performance of organizations by facilitating a good and sustainable cooperation between people'?

Deep dive (day 3 & 4)

During this two-day session, the emphasis lies on deepening your insight. Building blocks such as vision, structure, leadership, teams, and systems will get a deeper meaning, and you will start to see the coherence.

Time to practice (day 5, 6, 7 & 8)

You work on a real life business case. Starting from a concrete problem definition of a company / organization or network, you simulate the complete case phase by phase.

The dark side of IAO (day 9)

You critically reflect and think about resistances, gaps and possible unintended or unexpected side effects of redesign. At the same time, you co-create realistic solutions and remedies.

D-day (day 10)

During the entire duration of this Master Class you work on a business case, applying the design principles of an Innovative Labor Organization. This last day is entirely dedicated to the project proposals of these cases.

Individual trajectory project

You can supplement the Master Class with an individual trajectory. This enables you to gain additional insights and to work on one or more aspects of Innovative Labor Organization on a stand-alone basis.

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A question about this program?

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A question about this program?