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Master Class Innovative Labor Organization

Master Class Innovative Labor Organization - Testimonials

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"This is not just another management hype that will be around for a few years, only to be replaced with yet another management theory. Innovative Labor Organization has been around for decades and is strongly underpinned, both by science and practice. This is definitely here to stay. It just needs to become better known."

— Liesbet Becu, interim manager

"What I really liked about the Master Class was the introduction of the ‘organization canvas’ with its eight building blocks. It may seem rather complex at first, but it clearly shows that an organization is a system, and that everything is connected to everything else. So, you cannot just start adjusting one aspect of your organization. For me, that really was an aha moment."

— Sarah Stemgée, HR director at AMS

"Innovative Labor Organization is not a hype. More and more organizations ask me to just put the format in place and be done with it. But that’s not how it works. It's a fundamental story: if you start implementing the methodology, there’s no going back."

— Gui Boven, organizational architect

"Thanks to this Master Class, our company has been able to carry out a second 'revolution', with many measurable positive results."

— Pieter-Jan De Man, director at STAS

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A question about this program?