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Mastering Sustainable Transformation
Application & requirements

Mastering Sustainable Transformation - Application & requirements

Application & requirements


This course is aimed at managers who:

  • are prepared to support and guide their organization to the next level of sustainability maturity.
  • want to translate new sustainability practices into impact for their business.
  • have a sustainability vision and are looking for ways to bring it into practice.
  • want to support their organization and give direction to the organization’s strategy.
  • want to give real meaning to the words sustainable transformation.

This course is aimed at managers who want to grow themselves and their business by replacing their old, analytical methodology with a creative and innovative process, aligned with the principles of sustainable transformation and the real needs of their customers.

Potential functions / profiles are: CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CSR or sustainability managers, HR managers, general managers, marketing managers, members of a management team, etc.


You can register via the link at the bottom of this page.
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  • Step 1: Start your registration by filling in the registration form.
  • Step 2: You will receive a confirmation email.
  • Step 3: We may contact you for a first introduction and to fine-tune your expectations regarding the program.


After successfully participating in one, two, three or four modules, you will obtain the certificate ‘Mastering Sustainable Transformation’ with specification of the module.


We only accept a limited number of candidates. We advise you to start the noncommittal application process as soon as possible. Registrations will be closed once the maximum capacity has been reached.

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A question about this program?