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This program is taught in Dutch

About the program

In every phase of a real estate project, you inevitably come across regulations which aren’t always transparent, sometimes even ambiguous or downright contradictory. There are many points of tangency with other fields of law (like environmental or fiscal law). On top of that, regulations change regularly and the amount of stakeholders is usually diverse & numerous. A complex matter with huge consequences and interests. For everyone working in real estate, the awareness grows that real estate law has an impact on the gain & risks of a project. This course gives professionals the opportunity to sharpen their juridical knowledge regarding real estate.

Learning objectives

After attending this program:

  • you are able to identify different bottlenecks from the perspective of both buyer and seller;
  • you are able to integrate different views – financial, juridical, fiscal, human and organizational – in the decision making process;
  • You are able to assess financial-economic consequences of environmental issues.


University schooled professionals with at least 3 years of working experience in real estate.

Potential profiles of future participants are:

  • Investors, fund and capital managers, financiers, financial planners, corporate real estate managers, asset managers;
  • project and development managers, facility managers, land surveyors and estimators,, engineers, architects, urban engineers;
  • real estate advisors, lawyers, business revisors, bookers, accountants, developers, contractors, real estate developers, notaries.
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Need advice in selecting the right program? I'm here to help.


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Need advice in selecting the right program?
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