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The Supply Chain Series for Executives is an ongoing cycle of four sessions a year. Each session is hosted by a leading company with relevant experience and expertise in the topic of the day. The sessions take place on the company premises.

Session 1: How to make the logistics sector less dependent on finding the required talents?

The logistics sector has always been an important employer for all types of education, competence and experience levels. Today, the growth of the sector is more and more restricted by the shortage of blue-collar workers in particular. What should your company strategy be when appropriate supply chain workers are hard to find? How important are digitalization and automation in this debate?

Setup of the session

Common thread of this session is the case of Nike ELC, the host company. It is a real-life project on managing talent in logistics operations. The case and its learnings are transferable to companies that are facing similar challenges.

To set the scene, AMS faculty Prof. Dr. Ans De Vos will provide the necessary background, including an academic perspective, for a better understanding and framing of the case. After the presentation of the case by the Nike team, the participants will have time to prepare and assess the case from their own company’s point of view. Subsequently, the interactive debate will confront the varying points of view and perspectives to open a discussion supported by the Nike team and the academic experts. The chairman will conclude the debate by presenting the major outcomes and key takeaways of the afternoon.

The program continues with a visit of the Nike ELC plant in Laakdal, followed by a closing dinner. Wim Adriaens, the new CEO of the Flemish public employment service, will give the dinner keynote.


12:30 pm Lunch
01:30 pm Welcome by the host company's leader Kurt Van Donink
01:35 pm Introduction by session chairman, Alex Van Breedam
01:45 pm Academic perspective and state-of-the-art views on the topic of the day by Prof. Dr. Ans De Vos
02:15 pm Presentation of the host company's case by the Nike team
02:45 pm Coffee break
03:00 pm Preparation of debate – participant input
03:30 pm Interactive debate and discussion
05:00 pm Major conclusions and findings by Alex Van Breedam
05:30 pm Company visit
06:30 pm Dinner with keynote of Wim Andriaens (CEO VDAB, public employment service of Flanders)
08:30 pm Closing

Hosting company

Approximately 50 kilometers outside of Antwerp, Nike, Inc.’s European Logistics Campus (ELC) stretches across four locations: Laakdal, Meerhout, Herentals and Ham. This state-of-the-art centralized distribution network allows Nike to serve a vast network of retailers and consumers not just on the European continent, but across the world. Nike ELC employees when referring to labor are at the heart of a network of factories, transporters, retail stores and customers, shipping hundreds of thousands of the latest Nike products every single day.


All Master Class Supply Chain sessions are in English.


Program Director
  • Prof. Dr. Alex Van Breedam
Expert & keynote session 1
  • Expert: Prof. Dr. Ans De Vos
  • Keynote: Wim Adriaens (CEO VDAB, public employment service of Flanders)
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A question about this program?