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Tailored company tracks
Master Classes

Master Classes

Expertise-driven management program

Does one of your teams or groups need an upgrade of management knowledge or management skills? At AMS, we help you to identify your needs and equip your teams with the right knowledge.

Our educational programs consist of two parts. First, our experts will transfer their knowledge in the chosen field of expertise. Secondly, the participants will bring in their professional expertise. A well-trained mediator will then help them to translate their individual ideas into valuable organizational knowledge, thus stimulating an upward spiral of meaningful and sustainable transformation.

We offer educational programs on varying topics such as organizational design, financial management and interpreting financial KPI’s, project management, design thinking etc.

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Personal leadership tracks

Interested in developing a mindset that will take leadership in your organization to the next level?

During our personalized leadership trajectories we design and implement, in co-creation with the organization, development trajectories for leaders and managers, so that they are ready for cultural changes or specific challenges within the organization. We support them in building a more flexible, feedback driven or coaching leadership style. Possible methodologies are: workshops, lectures, personal leadership trajectories, coaching, simulations, etc.

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Managers development tracks

Our managers development programs are designed for senior level professionals who are responsible for strategy execution. Senior managers often start out as functional leaders or technical experts. Once in a senior position however, they need to obtain a broader, outside-in view of the organization. We support organizations by helping their managers strengthen their roles beyond and across functions and by helping them develop a systemic view of their organization and strategy execution prerequisites. We include topics on strategic challenges when designing these programs and we help project teams to apply insights and achieve concrete results for their organizations.

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Neurosciences applied to leadership and coaching (NELA)

NELA is developed for an audience of business managers, consultants and coaches who want to inspire an enrich their practice of leadership,change management and coaching. It aims to provide the necessary knowledge, resources and network to help leaders develop the appropriate mindset and skills to deal with one of the greatest challenges in organizations: manage and motivate people to seek self leadership, team cohesion and organizational efficiency. This experience includes training sessions in the NeuroTrainingLab™, especially designed to assess and develop leadership competencies and associated neuro-physiologic activity.

Our mission is to develop assertive, empathetic and inspirational leadership in organizations, in order to build profitable and socially responsible and sustainable organizations We hope to achieve this mission by spreading our knowledge and enthusiasm to those interested to join.

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