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These pages have the intention to provide experienced professionals with insights in our business and IT expertise. The responsibility for enabling and managing the digital enterprise needs to be shared between business and IT. The development of e-skills, being the combination of business and IT savviness, is our aim. Our educational programs, our events, our blogs and our scientific research represent what we have to offer. Please feel free to explore and to call upon our services.


Expertise Center

The research of the Expertise Center Digital Business & IT focuses on the organizational challenges of governing and managing digital assets. The emphasis is on how organizations enable both business and IT people to execute their responsibilities in order to create business value from IT-enabled investments.

The objective is to develop concepts, models and theories that help organizations to generate more value out of IT. Our research is grounded in science and rooted in practice. It is the basis for state-of-the-art knowledge to be taught at the management school.

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The knowledge from research at the University of Antwerp and the Antwerp Management School ensures fundamental insights, to be shared in the executive programs. Each program, however, aims for enrichment through the confrontation of theoretical rigor with practice: Case studies, renowned guest speakers, a master project and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

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Executive Master in Enterprise IT Architecture

This master aims for the development of skills to innovate the enterprise. The participants acquire knowledge to master complexity and to be the architect of a successful organization.

Start date: 28/09/2017
Duration: Long: 2 years (part-time executive masters)
Language: en

Executive Master in IT Governance & Assurance

This master is about embedding processes, structures and relational mechanisms throughout the enterprise, maximizing the value created from IT-enabled investments and minimizing IT-related risks.

Start date: 28/09/2017
Duration: Long: 2 years (part-time executive masters)
Language: en

Executive Master in IT Management

This master aims for leadership of a successful enterprise in a digital environment. Boost your IT-knowledge with the necessary management and communication skills in order to align business & IT-strategy.

Start date: 28/09/2017
Duration: Long: 2 years (part-time executive masters)
Language: en

Postgraduate Digital Business

Digital Business is a practical course aiming for tangible results in the domain of digital marketing & business, well-rooted however in the establishment of digital strategy.

Start date: Autumn 2017
Duration: Short 1-15 days
Language: nl


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We develop new theories and best practices in the field of IT management and governance. We focus on how organizations enable their business and IT management to take up their responsibilities with regards to business/IT alignment and value IT investments.

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