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Master Class Export Management

This course offers a complete and practical overview of all aspects that go hand-in-hand with export.

Start date: 24/10/2017
Duration: Short 1-15 days
Language: Dutch


Enjoying world class education while residing in a city that combines both a modern way of life and a rich heritage? It’s possible at Antwerp Management School. Located in the heart of Europe, along the banks of the river Scheldt, Antwerp has flourished as a lively commercial center ever since the Middle Ages. 
Not just in Antwerp, but in Belgium, Europe and the entire world, mobility is a modern topic that is gaining in importance.

Promoting smart mobility, that is what we want to do at Antwerp Management School. We do so by offering high quality programs and working together with (small and large) companies and local authorities to carry out innovative test projects.

Here at Antwerp Management School, we look further than the transfer of purely technical knowledge and we want to use our programs as well as our research to be pioneers in Smart Mobility.
We warmly invite you to choose Antwerp Management School as your partner for Smart Mobility.





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