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Executive electives: Refresher Courses for Executives

Our Executive Electives are Open for Business

We are now accepting registrations for the Executive Electives which will take place on January 10th, 2020 at Antwerp Management School. This event is open to anybody interested in updating their knowledge on various topics and want to benefit from the networking opportunities offered by AMS.

What are electives?

Electives are executive courses (without assessment) covering current and relevant topics, with the aim of delivering up-to-date, actionable knowledge.


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Take advantage of our early bird discount for non alumni until December 8th. 450 EUR instead of 700 EUR.

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Emba electives

SC Ans De Vos

People Working in the Gig Economy - The Future of Work
Ans De Vos

One might call it buzzwords but the gig economy and our VUCA world do have implications for the content of jobs and for the way we work and collaborate and bring new challenges to management. Technological innovations create new opportunities for getting work done by means of other than a long-term employment relationship and core talent may no longer be on the payroll of your organization but float in and out on a flexible basis. Moreover, technological evolutions also impact the nature of work and the competencies required for successful performance. In this volatile context, how to stay happy, healthy and productive in view of a sustainable career is a pertinent question for managers and employees alike. During this session we explore these phenomena and provide a roadmap to navigate this new environment.

SC Georges Hanot

Effective Dispute Resolution as a Value Driver for Businesses
Georges Hanot

Studies show that the cost of – internal and external - conflict for companies is huge. Badly managed disputes have major adverse effects on business relations, reputation, motivation, and performance. Observation of good practice indicates substantial savings where pro-active conflict management, and appropriate dispute resolution are introduced.

How to avoid getting stuck in heavy litigation and endless delays? How to efficiently resolve disputes with employees, suppliers, clients, .. or even public authorities?
This elective looks at facts and figures on the cost of conflict, creates awareness on pitfalls, and provides tangible recipes for saving on costs, whilst improving efficiency and sustainability

Georges Hanot, EMBA alumnus 2019. Building upon his experience as CEO and board director, he started his own company in 2006 as mediation expert, effectively solving disputes for a variety of clients.

Steven poelmans bart cambre

The three speakers decided to combine their expertise in a unique session on the future of big data and machine learning.

For this topic, we decided on an interdisciplinary approach with three AMS experts. Steven Poelmans will draw for you the big picture. Mo Chaara will zoom in on the ABC of machine learning, business analytics, AI, and the technological challenges. Bart Cambré will deal with the methodology on big data, data collection and processing, and methodological challenges of processing real-time data. Steven Poelmans will in his conclusion, focus on paradoxical leadership, necessary for leading ambidextrous organizations dealing with the complexity of sometimes contradictory forces of operational excellence and innovation.

Prof. dr. Bart Cambré is Associate Dean of Antwerp Management School.
Prof. dr. Steven Poelmans holds the Melexis Chair on Neurosciences and Technology-Enabled High Performance Organizations and is professor Neurosciences & Strategic Leadership, Antwerp Management School and EADA Business School (Barcelona)
Mohammed Chaara Analytics & Strategy Executive | Artificial Intelligence | Digital Innovation & Knowledge Management

SC Fran Bambust

Fran Bambust

Everybody wants to nudge nowadays. As soon as the word ‘behaviour’ comes up, somebody will propose to ‘nudge’ those people. “It’s the new thing to do”, he or she will exclaim, forgetting that a decade has passed since the word hit our strategic world and that a decade is a century in this millennium.
Nudging… Wasn’t that supposed to be that Jedi trick that would turn a pork loving meat eater into a pig loving vegetarian? That makes you want to pee on flies on enamelled surfaces? What became of it? How does it work? What does it do? Do I need it? And especially… is it enough?

Fran Bambust, developer of the Flemish behavioral change 7E-model shows us the nuts and bolts of behavioral insights and pleads for a more long term strategic view at the same time.

SC Philippe Deben
Should I Fire my Marketing Department and install a Growth Hacking Team
Philippe Deben

Growth hacking is the buzzword for startups, scale-ups and corporates looking for disruptive growth. This data-driven scientific like approach of marketing is impacting business on a scale never seen before. A method that installs a new way of thinking, and leads to results that are practically unachievable via traditional ways
But how do you do it ? And how did our case company Messer Group manage to generate an extra 120 000 euro by applying digital growth hacking tactics while decreasing its cost per lead!
Find out during the 2020 electives crash course on growth marketing.

Philippe Deben, EMBA Alumnus 2019, international marketeer and Dennis De Cat digital performance marketer House of Marketing case by Ken Rottiers (e-marketing coordinator at Messer Benelux)

SC Goran Milenković

Show me the numbers: Some Street Smart Do's and Don'ts of Presenting to the Boards and C-level Management
Goran Milenković

Many managers find presenting to Boards a rather intimidating experience. And rightly so. A good 30-minute appearance can significantly boost a career or project, while a poor performance can result in loss of trust or rejection of a significant proposal. So, while the definitive work on how to woo Boards and C-level management teams still needs to be written, there are some things we can learn from Practice. As someone once said, “learn from the mistakes of others; you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself”. After more than 30 years of working in business in 20+ countries and leading teams ranging from green-field start-ups to multi-billion-euro corporations, Prof. dr. Goran Milenković will share some of his experiences of presenting or being presented to. So, how do you tailor your message and delivery to get what you want? How can you trigger enthusiasm among a group, who are not your peers? How do you pass on really bad news, without getting shot in the process? This workshop will look at the complex interplay of divergent forces, all coming together during a short intensive period of time, when a single manager stands before a group of his seniors: personal awareness, board dynamics and politics, information needs of Boards for different types of expositions, visual cues for explaining quantitative and qualitative data, and many more.

Dr. Goran Milenković considers himself a Pracademic, someone who is both an active practicioner and an academic. As business consultant he draws on 25 years of international experience. His most recent assignment was as Managing Director of Lekkerland Germany, a seven-billion-euro convenience wholesaler. He lectures and facilitates senior management workshops on commercial excellence, B2B sales, strategy implementation and turnaround management.

Date 10 January 2020
Location Antwerp Management School, Boogkeers 5, 2000, Antwerp.
Price (ex. vat)
AMS Alumni 200 EUR
Non - Alumni (early bird until 8 December 2019) 450 EUR
Bring a friend AMS Alumni can register with a partner for 400 EUR total, bringing a friend at our exclusive alumni price!
Interested in buying more than 5 tickets? 350 EUR (contact:

Kmo Portefeuille available for the non-alumni price

includes: networking opportunities, a certificate of attendance, breakfast; lunch and a networking reception.

NB: There are no assessments, the goal of these electives is to deliver up to date actionable knowledge.

08:30 - 09:30: welcome with a light breakfast
09:30 - 10:00: keynote “Business as usual is a dead end!” - Thomas Leysen
10.00 – 13.00: morning session electives (pick one)
• Leading Digitization, Big Data, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI.
• Show me the numbers: Some Street Smart Do's and Dont's of Presenting to the Boards and C-Level Management
• Nudging
• Effective Dispute Resolution as a Value Driver for Businesses
13.00 – 14.30 networking lunch
14.30 – 17.30 afternoon electives (pick one)
• Leading Digitization, Big Data, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI.
• Show me the numbers: Some Street Smart Do's and Dont's of Presenting to the Boards and C-Level Management
• Should I Fire my Marketing Department and Install a Growth Hacking Team
• People Working in the Gig Economy - The Future of Work
17:30 End