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Online summer workshop July 8 2020

Are you recently graduated or graduating this year? Wondering if studying an extra full-time master’s program at AMS is a perfect fit for you?

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We are living in disruptive times in which the world needs leaders that are well prepared to tackle the challenges of the future. The current linear economic model has reached its limit. The workshop "Getting you in the loop: circular economy 101" explores the alternative economic model: a circular economy.

Ask all your questions at the virtual master's fair afterwards.

Getting you in the loop: circular economy 101

Rozanne Henzen, Researcher, Sustainable Transformation Lab

Today’s linear economic model is based on the principles of take-make-use-waste. This has made our global society unsustainable. Overproduction, loss of biodiversity, waste, climate change, resource scarcity: this economic model has reached its limits. If we want to sustain our global society and offer opportunities for a growing population, the economy needs to transition from being primarily a linear process to being a circular process of borrow-make-use-return. In this workshop we explore the basic principles of a circular economy and how you can contribute to it.

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6.30 pm online workshop

7.30 pm virtual master's fair

Questions? Contact Eva Peeters