FAQ Covid-19 - Full-Time Master's Programs

General questions

  • Why does Belgium have the highest death rate from COVID-19 in the European Union?

If you purely look at the mortality numbers, you might indeed worry that Belgium is one of the world’s most affected countries by COVID-19, but this comparison with other countries is (very) misleading. The Belgian authorities chose to be transparent. The Belgian way of reporting differs significantly from other countries where only cases confirmed by a test are included in the statistics. More than half of the deaths reported in Belgium come from retirement homes. Of the total deaths that occurred in these homes, only 4% were cases confirmed by a coronavirus test and 96% were suspected ones.

  • Will there be any changes to the start date of the academic year?

Seeing the implications of the COVID-19 outbreak, the AMS Full-Time Master’s team has decided to postpone the start of the academic year to September 28, 2020.

Many of you chose AMS because of our international and diverse student body. With the current travel restrictions and temporary student visa suspensions there is a risk that some of our international students cannot join our program on the original start date. As a school we want to make sure that all of you can begin your program, and experience our AMS Onboarding Days, together. Therefore we are postponing the start of the academic year while safeguarding the ability to graduate within one academic year.

  • What if I am still not allowed to travel when my program starts?

If for some reason you won't be able to make it to the AMS campus on time, we offer one month "bridging" (until November 1). During this period, up until 4 weeks after the official start date of your program, we will offer you an alternative way to keep up with the classes. Please note that all late arrivals need to be approved by your program manager.

  • What in case of disruption? Will I still graduate?

We are making contingency plans to manage any possible disruption.

These contingency plans will also allow for the learning journey to be continued in case there are periods during the 2020/21 academic year when we are required to “stay at home” due to new waves or peaks of the virus. In that case, we will offer you online learning, to make sure you can attend classes and receive the same top quality experience no matter where you are or what your situation is.

  • What if I contract COVID-19 whilst I am in Belgium?

The Belgian hospitals have been very well prepared to treat corona patients. The Belgian healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Every corona patient is being treated in a private room at intensive care. Even during the peak of the pandemic in March / April, Belgian intensive care units did not go over 50% of their maximum capacity. Since the start of the corona crisis, 13700 patients have left the hospital.

Applying to AMS:

  • Should / Can I still apply given the current situation?

Applications for September 2020 are still open. If you are interested in joining the AMS in 2020 but are concerned by current travel restrictions, we would still encourage you to apply. It is highly likely that the situation in all countries will change a lot over the next few months.

As mentioned above, we are also making contingency plans to manage any possible disruption. This includes ensuring that our teaching will be available online in case any students are unable to join us at the beginning, and that their education and student experiences are secured. This contingency plan will also allow for the learning journey to be continued in case there are periods during the 2020/21 academic year when we are required to “stay at home” due to new waves or peaks of the virus.

Alternatively, you always have the option to defer the start of your program to next academic year.

    • How can I contact AMS regarding my application?

    The full-time Master's team is still working full-time. The best way to reach us is via email admissions@ams.ac.be. We aim to get back to you within 1-2 business days.

    • My final exams have been cancelled. Can I still apply?

    Yes. Our admissions team allows applications from applicants who do not have their final grades yet.

    • What advice is AMS offering to applicants unable to take an English-language test due to centers being closed?

    Due to the closure of English-language test centers, students can now apply without an English test. Our admissions team will evaluate your English proficiency based on your written answers in the online application file and an interview via Skype.

      • How is the university supporting applicants whose visa applications have been delayed?

      New student visa application are currently suspended until further notice. We are in close contact with the Belgian authorities regarding this issue.

      • Is AMS still accepting applications? Are there any restrictions being placed on international applicants?

      We are still accepting applications. The new application deadline to apply for EU citizens is September 15, 2020 and for non-EU citizens June 15, 2020. As we only accept a limited number of students (max. 35 on average in each master’s program), we strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

      • Is AMS making any changes to entry requirements (i.e. test results, required documents)?

      Yes. We do have arrangements to manage exceptional circumstances for all our applicants. Please contact our admissions team (admissions@ams.ac.be) for more information.