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GoodCrowd Stakeholder Management Tool

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GoodCrowd Stakeholder Management Tool

GoodCrowd is a free online tool for stakeholder consultation, based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Type project Research project
Project partners AMS, MVO Vlaanderen, Voka, Spadel, Rosy Blue, Port of Antwerp
Duration November 01, 2017 - June 30, 2018
Contact person Lars Moratis, PhD


Stakeholder consultation is an important part of CSR. Among other things, consulting stakeholders allows you to map responses and suggestions of your organization’s constituents.

Still, few organizations appear to conduct a stakeholder consultation on a periodic basis.


That is why GoodCrowd is an indispensable tool for developing, evaluating and reviewing your organization’s CSR policy, for getting responses to your commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and for asking feedback on your sustainability report.

GoodCrowd is simple to use and can be partly tailored to your organization’s demands and goals.

So, whether your organization is a company, a governmental organization, or an educational institution, you can complete your organization’s CSR policy, make it interactive, and make it robust with GoodCrowd.


Modular design

GoodCrowd has a modular design and is user-friendly.

GoodCrowd’s structure consists of seven modules. Module 1 is an introductory module, with the goal of welcoming your stakeholders. Modules 2 to 6 contain items that are explicitly based on the Sustainable Development Goals and have a flexible design. Module 7 is a generic module that can be used in any way you see fit.

You can decide yourself whether or not you want to use each of the respective modules as well as the questions you select within these modules.

Adjust the modules the way you want

Adjusting the modules is very easy. When you create your stakeholder consultation, you select the modules you want to use. Subsequently, you decide which items within these modules you want to use and which adjustments you want to make.

You can personalize your stakeholder consultation with your organization’s name and logo. You can also upload your own documentation that respondents can view as background information when responding to the consultation.

Module 1 – Introduction

Module 2 – Our commitment to the SDGs

Module 3 – Our interpretation of the SDGs

Module 4 – SDG in focus

Module 5 – Our performance on the SDGs

Module 6 – Our communication about the SDGs

Module 7 – Miscellaneous

Consulting stakeholders

When you have finalized the design of your stakeholder consultation, you can generate a URL (weblink). You can send this URL from your own email address with a letter to the stakeholders you want to consult. This means you do not have to upload a database with contact information in GoodCrowd, but instead have control over your stakeholders’ contact information at any time.

Your report

You can generate a report in GoodCrowd at any moment. This report is entirely based on your own stakeholder consultation.

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A question about this project?