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Customized learning solutions for businesses

Challenge us with the challenge of your organization

Whether you are running a corporate, a start-up or a scale-up, there is a definite challenge in becoming – and staying – future-proof. You want to grow, sustain that growth, and create value for all stakeholders. Your challenges and strengths are unique, and so are your needs for learning solutions. That is exactly why our team uses a co-creation approach to customized learning.

Listen to our podcast (in Dutch) and find out how we co-create.

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The AMS Learning Model

There is no 1 learning model, our learning journeys are custom for a reason. They come in a variety of formats: large or small, based on a clear timing and content ideas or a brand-new design and objective.

Our L&D Advisor works with you to develop the most fitting learning format, based on your company’s learning needs and interaction requirements. To maximize learning efficiency, we deliver programs online, on campus, or in a blended variety of formats.

In any case, our faculty and coaches stimulate interactive and open debate, aiming for maximum impact and sustainable results.

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Delivery formats for customized learning

Refreshing knowledge bites

Our keynote speeches are entertaining and thought-provoking lectures. They can feature as a stand-alone presentation, a focused drill down on a predefined topic, or a component in a larger internal agenda.

A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Life learning workshops

Our workshops can be provided as seminars, webinars, and master classes to stimulate group discussions.

We shape these workshops according to your organizational, professional, or team challenges. Together, peers and mentors explore these challenges by reflecting on them and tackling them in group exercises. Experienced Learning Coaches facilitate the process.

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Co-designed learning paths

These trajectories consist of high-impact learning solutions, tailored for your organization. Due to their co-designed nature and highly tailored content, they are unique and effective.

You cherry-pick and compose a program that fits your vision. We help you assemble the right topics and learning formats for your needs. They come as:

  • Expertise-driven programs
  • Long-term transformation programs
  • Or a flexible combination of format types

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