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AMS Diversity and Inclusion Plan (2023-2029)

AMS Diversity and Inclusion Plan (2023-2029)

AMS Diversity and Inclusion Plan (2023-2029)

At AMS, we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment that celebrates and values differences among our students, faculty, staff and stakeholders. As we approach our 70th-anniversary milestone in 2029, we are dedicated to actively embodying, promoting, and exemplifying diversity and inclusion in every facet of our institution. To realize this commitment, we have established the AMS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Taskforce, consisting of members from various organizational departments, including three researchers with expertise in DEI topics from sociological and psychological perspectives. This Taskforce has contributed to a number of initiatives throughout the organization, the most prominent outlined below.

AMS as an employer

1. Cultural Awareness Workshops and AMS Values Manifesto

In 2023, the DEI Taskforce initiated a series of cultural awareness workshops, aimed at fostering open dialogue and understanding among our employees. These workshops included active listening exercises and conversations focused on shared experiences as well as the unique perspectives that make each of us different. The outcomes of these workshops have been distilled into the AMS Values Manifesto, an internal foundational document that serves as a social contract and common ground for guiding our DEI initiatives. To ensure inclusivity, all employees were invited to provide feedback on this document, solidifying it as the cornerstone of our DEI efforts.

2. Integration into Recruitment Strategy, Impact & Growth Conversations and related performance and career development Policies

The insights gained from our cultural awareness workshops and the AMS Values Manifesto will be integrated into our annual performance and impact feedback conversations from 2024 onwards. In addition, this vision will become part of the staff growth conversations. Since 2023, these DEI values have become an integral part of our HR recruitment policy. By aligning our practices with our shared values, we aim to promote diversity and inclusion at every stage of an individual's journey within our institution. This allows our commitment to DEI to become an essential part of how we operate.

3. Periodic Employee Surveys

To maintain vigilance over our progress and identify areas that may require attention, we conduct recurrent employee surveys. This survey assesses work-life balance, organizational culture, and gender balance across all levels of the organization. In parallel, we are committed to surveying our employees periodically on DEI related matters. During 2023, we introduced a ‘DEI pulse survey’ designed to evaluate employees’ experiences in terms of belonging, inclusion/exclusion, equity/fairness and psychological and physical safety at work. The survey set-up allows us to relate the findings to dimensions such as gender identity but also disability and cultural background. The data collected from these surveys will empower us to formulate focused actions on all levels in the organization, including the Taskforce, Senior Management, the Leadership Team, the R&V council and the general workforce. In this process, HR and the DEI Taskforce collaborate to enact necessary changes. We are committed to administering the survey to track our progress over time, to follow-up on our commitment.

4. Ethical Sounding Board

As part of our dedication to ethical practices, we have established an Ethical Sounding Board. This platform empowers employees to consult with colleagues when they encounter ethical dilemmas in their daily business operations. This initiative ensures that our practices consistently align with our shared values, promoting transparency and accountability within our institution.

AMS as a teaching institute

1. Global Leadership Track

At AMS, we understand that developing global leaders goes beyond technical knowledge. Our mission explicitly mentions stimulating our students' self-reflection and personal development, specifically in relation to collaborating with individuals from diverse cultural and personal backgrounds. The Global Leadership Track is an integral component of all our master's programs. We believe that a clear self-image enables our students to work effectively in group settings, act as responsible leaders, and have a meaningful impact on the business world. Our advanced and systematic approach in this regard has earned us the Responsible Business Education Teaching Award from the Financial Times.

2. Student Experience

Recognizing the importance of diversity among our students and faculty, we closely monitor our annual gender ratio within these groups and measure diversity among our student nationalities. Our intention is to expand the DEI ‘pulse’ survey to include the experiences of our students from 2024 onwards. This expansion will provide valuable insights into the perspectives of our entire academic community, ensuring that our educational environment is as inclusive as possible.


At AMS, our journey towards diversity and inclusion is an actively ongoing, dynamic process. We remain steadfast in our commitment to creating an inclusive environment that respects and values the uniqueness of every member of our academic community. Together, we will continue building a brighter and more inclusive future for AMS. For further information about our DEI initiatives and progress, we invite you to reach out to our DEI Taskforce lead, Annebeth Bels, at annebeth.bels@ams.ac.be. Your engagement and support are integral to our shared mission.

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