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Co-designed learning paths

Sustain your organization with Learning Paths

Our Learning Paths are custom Learning & Development Programs (L&D). They consist of high-impact learning solutions, tailored to your organization. Due to their co-designed nature and highly tailored content, they are unique and effective. You cherry-pick and compose a program that fits your vision. We help you assemble the right topics and learning formats for your needs. They come as:

  • Expertise-driven programs
  • Long-term transformation programs
  • Or a flexible combination of format types

We put your organizational challenge at the core of the entire co-design process. This approach already helped us successfully guide organizations in a wide variety of industries, many of them during times of transformation.

AMS aims for sustainable results by making your company stronger through long-term learning.

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Co creatie

Our co-creative approach

As a company, you will benefit from our co-creation learning approach, because every single program is 100 percent applicable to your situation and employees. But how do we get there?

Step 1: discover Our Client Manager clearly defines your development needs, business challenges, organizational needs, culture, and strategic objectives. Together you go through the following key steps:

- Developing a shared vision of the desired outcome
- Defining how to measure the impact
- Finding and detailing your needs
- Mapping out ideas and a direction through collaboration

The discover phase results in a first proposal that frames the topics, learning path, and shared vision on outcomes and impact.
Step 2: design Together with our L&D Advisor and our faculty, you co-design a learning path that builds on the strengths of your organization and on our expertise, while outlining impact and success measures. In this phase, we apply the following methods:

- Interviews with key stakeholders
- Co-creation and design workshops with CEOs and leadership teams
- Focus groups
- Roundtables

The design phase results in a validated program concept and method.
Step 3: deliver A dedicated Project Management Team oversees the total value of your learning experience. We select the best faculty, facilitators, and learning coaches in our network and single out the appropriate learning methods. Possible learning methods are:

- Impactful face-to-face experiences
- Efficient and flexible online modules
- Action-learning and project-development work
- Research-based simulations (such as a NeuroTrainingLab)
- Business-coaching and follow-up sessions
- Custom cases and simulations

The deliver phase results in the implementation of the learning path, followed by continuous adjustments where necessary based on feedback loops.
Step 4: impact Together with our team, you continuously evaluate the impact of the learning path defined by our co-agreed measures. Possible impact measures are:

- Leadership assessments
- Agreed business KPI’s, such as customer satisfaction
- Other KPI’s, such as the leadership index
- Value created by your business projects
- Individual career progression
- Long-term impact survey for program participants
- Qualitative interviews, such as user cases

The impact phase results in an individual and organizational impact evaluation.

Examples of co-designed Learning Paths

Business acumen development

This Learning Path was all about transforming high-potential managers, middle managers, and technical experts into capable managers to confidently lead within their organization. It offered a comprehensive perspective of fundamental business components and leadership areas.

Innovation governance

This Learning Path focused on equipping organizations with the insights to create their own innovation blueprint for sustainable results by aligning strategy, ideas, and execution of innovation processes.

Leading digital transformation

This Learning Path enabled business leaders to convene and expand their thinking on digital transformation and develop a digital readiness mindset.

Leading virtual teams

This Learning Path focused on equipping leaders to bridge the gaps among teams working around the world.

Leading self-managing teams

This Learning Path enabled senior executives to create a strategic roadmap by rethinking their organization design and operational structure.

Business strategy and leadership

This Learning Path for business leaders focused on shaping an organizational culture in support of a new strategy.

Shared and Authentic Leadership

This Learning Path aimed at empowering management teams to define their own path, lead with greater passion and confidence, and inspire others to grow and create sustainable value for the organization.