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Executive PhD Program

Executive PhD Program

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Boogkeers 5, 2000
Antwerp, Belgium


The Antwerp Management School Executive PhD Program is a 4-year, research-based program for senior executives looking to apply relevant knowledge and research skills to contemporary business problems in their industry or workplace. The program is a premium executive development program designed to be academically rigorous and intellectually challenging.

Why the PhD program for executives at AMS?

Since 2015, Antwerp Management School pioneered by creating a unique program that was first in its kind in Europe, combining (academic) Rigor and (practical) Relevance: the Executive PhD. While the PhD program for executives is offered by AMS, we work in close collaboration with the University of Antwerp, who also issues the PhD Degree. During your personal PhD track, you will be guided by faculty members and experts from all over the world.

Participants appreciate us for our entrepreneurial spirit, sustainable mindset and our open, human-centered approach.


Attending this program should be the pinnacle of the participant’s personal, professional and academic development. Over a period of 4 years, you will gain competencies that are crucial to successfully intensify your career, both in academia and business. Learn more about what this program has to offer and what makes it so unique.

Admission procedure

We provide a straightforward, yet thorough application and admission process. Read more about entry requirements and the application and admission process.

Fees & Funding

Read more about the tuition fee of this program and the potential financial benefits.


Find out in this section how our current PhD candidates and alumni, all senior executives and business professionals, experience(d) our program, how it changed their life and career and how it has helped them to grow as academics and professionals.

Steffi weil

A question about this program?

Steffi Weil, PhD


A question about this program?