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Tailored company tracks

Tailor made for your organization

Antwerp Management School develops services that are tailored to your company or organization. Our goal is to support growth ambitions, boost corporate insights and stimulate performance. Our ‘custom-made solutions’ consist of tailor-made training programs, consultancy projects or research projects, depending on your organizational needs.

Companies can also hire a team of our full-time master's students to work on business cases or innovative solutions (in-company projects, venture building, innovation sprint). Via our career center we offer different recruitment possibilities.


Company Specific Tracks

After a first interview with our Learning & Development Advisor, our experts will design a trajectory in alignment with the context of your organization. Programs can be customized to your specific needs, whether you are looking for a classic expertise-driven program, a strategic workshop, a long-term transformation program or a flexible combination of various tracks. In fact, our wide range of solutions are like building blocks that can easily be combined and adapted to suit your needs.
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AMS Academy

Lifelong learning is no longer optional in our fast-changing world. At AMS, we have a long-standing tradition of state-of-the-art master programs for young potentials and experienced professionals. With the AMS Academy, we take the concept of lifelong learning a giant step further: we send you and your organization off for a true learning journey.
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Collaborate with our students

Our full-time master's students are creative Generation-Z spirits. They generally have a great sense of new habits, trends, technologies and emerging markets providing unexpected, fresh and external views since they are unrestricted by any corporate culture. They are provided with the latest insights, the theory is fresh in their mind, ready to be applied in business. You, as an organization, can benefit from a collaboration with these young high potentials in different ways: hire a team of master's students to work on a business challenge, a venture building project or an innovation sprint. Connect with this future generation on the labor market via our career center, or invest in a talented student and recruit her/him afterwards.
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Career Center

As a prestigious business school, each year Antwerp Management School helps its 220 young future managers to liaise with a range of reputable companies. We place great emphasis on personal development and as such we actively support our students in landing their first job after graduation. Our career management services help your organization track down and recruit the finest talent on the market.
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