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AMS Impact Academy

AMS Impact Academy

Let’s embark on an epic learning journey!

The war for talent is on and it looks like it’s here to stay. To have a shot at winning, excellent recruitment methods will no longer do. It is at least equally important to have a well thought out strategy to keep your top talents on board and to make sure they can continue to grow, in line with your company mission.

But how can you pull this off? How can you make sure that training programs actually generate impact within your organization? That knowledge is applied and shared? That your managers grow, both professionally and personally? That teams become stronger? And that along the way, your organization too, gains traction in a sustainable way, financially, strategically, socially?

AMS 60 years

The AMS Impact Academy takes the concept of employee development one giant step further: we will send both your talents and your organization on an epic learning journey of 36 months.

Together, we will define and create flexible learning & development tracks, personalized to the needs and career level of your talents. They will get the unique opportunity to tap into our high-end master classes. What’s more, they will create a strong knowledge-sharing community within your organization, reinforcing and uniting the different teams and the organization as a whole.

Naturally, your organization will grow and change along the way, and so will your learning & development needs. Thanks to our system based on learning credits and intermediate evaluations, we keep track of your organization’s needs and make changes to your learning journey whenever necessary.

Do you want your executives to follow a development track, starting with the fundamentals and moving up to specialized knowledge? Done. Do you want to make sure that the knowledge and insights are shared throughout your entire organization? Done. Do you want your high potentials to explore all management fundamentals? Consider that done too.

A joint roadmap for an impactful talent strategy

Mind-opening knowledge and expertise at your fingertips

Our expertise is at the cutting edge of Human Resources, Leadership, Digital & IT, Sustainability, Strategy & Innovation and Ecosystems.

In line with the learning needs of your employees

AMS Impact Academy consists of building blocks, giving you the possibility to customize each track based on the individual goals and needs of the participants.

Strong knowledge sharing community building

Pool the knowledge and insights of all participants and embed these in one big knowledge community within your organization.

From junior to middle to senior

All participants can build their own tracks based on their needs, experience and skills within a certain domain.

Flexible system based on learning credits

Our learning streaming service allows you to create and recreate personalized playlists in line with the interests and preferences of your organization.

Access to our Master Classes and experts

Joining the AMS Academy gives you full access to all of our programs ánd to our experts and career coaches.