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Lars Moratis, PhD
EW Morastis 2v2b

Lars Moratis, PhD

Function Adjunct professor corporate social responsibility


  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Management Standards

Lars Moratis is deputy professor in corporate social responsibility at Antwerp Management School. He studied Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management and is working on his PhD. His research and teaching activities focus on CSR strategy and implementation. Currently he is mainly interested in the credibility of corporate CSR claims, CSR standards (including ISO 26000), the legitimacy of multi-stakeholder initiatives, critical views on CSR, and education in responsible management.

Lars Moratis was active as a CSR consultant and was affiliated with several knowledge centers in the field of CSR and sustainability in the Netherlands, including MVO Nederland. In addition to his activities for Antwerp Management School, he teaches and conducts research on CSR at various universities in the Netherlands, and is the founder of ImpactAcademy.