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Koen Marichal
Koen Marichal

Koen Marichal

Function Lecturer leadership & development


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Koen is the founder and driving force of the Antwerp Management School leadership expertise center. This center pioneers authentic and shared leadership of leaders, teams and organizations since 2011. As an author, researcher, speaker, trusted advisor and teacher he contributes to a contemporary interpretation and development of leadership in organizations and society. Koen develops leadership in AMS management programs and is academic director of the Advanced Leadership Program. He also designs and delivers tailor-made leadership tracks and solutions. His innovative vision on leadership development was awarded the 'innovation award' from Antwerp Management School in 2017.

Koen conducts relevant research on specific leadership challenges. From 2015 and 2018 he studied the impact of innovative labor organization on managers. His focus today is on the leadership innovation in education. Koen is co-author of "19 challenging thoughts about leadership" (2013) and "The clothes of the leader" (2017), widely recognized as reference works in the field of leadership. Koen shares his expertise through social media, podcasts, blog posts, opinion articles and white papers. He is the creator of the "19 thoughts about leadership" (four editions) inspiring authentic leadership with the most diverse audiences. During the biennial AMS Leader Gathering he brings leaders together who contribute in their organization and countries to a better world.

Koen is a psychologist and received his master's degree at KU Leuven. He has also been trained as a system and communication therapist. He has 20 years of practical experience in Human Resources Management, of which the last 10 years in an international context. His experience in the operational or complex changes and growth of talent put him on the trail of leadership. In recent years he has developed his own leadership as Warrior for the Human Spirit.

His motto: "We all lead together."

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