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The diploma file

The diploma file

I. Onderwijs- en examenreglement
II. Learning outcomes Master Programs
III. The diploma file


The diploma file of the Master Programs at Antwerp Management School consist of the diploma, a diploma supplement with the details of the Master Program followed by the participant (curriculum) and a general explanation about the organization of the Flemish higher education.

The diploma supplements are made by the Antwerp Management School diploma administration. The diploma administration takes care of the corresponding diploma, signed by the Dean, and composes the diploma file.

As soon as the diploma file is ready, it is sent to the legal address of the participant by registered mail (unless there is another agreement). The diploma file is generally delivered around 6 months after the end of the academic year in which the participant graduated.


The diploma file is a unique copy. Antwerp Management School can never deliver a second authentic file, even in case of proven theft or in case of force majeure (for example fire).

It is possible though to receive a single duplicate. This requires a written motivated request and a payment of € 75 per diploma. The request can be sent by email. After the request has been approved further instructions will be given to obtain the duplicate.

Please take into account that the delivery time is 15 working days (excl. shipment). A duplicate will only be sent after the payment has been received.


All diplomas delivered by Antwerp Management School are bilingual (Dutch and English).


More information about the diplomas delivered by Antwerp Management School can be received at the diploma administration.

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