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How to beat Big Tech: Lessons from Russia

How to beat Big Tech: Lessons from Russia

Digitale Transformatie

17 05 21

Please join us on 17 May, 2021 for the fifth webinar of our Executive Electives Series: How to beat Big Tech: Lessons from Russia.

Google & Facebook: Digital Giants - Almost Everywhere!

Google and Facebook, two high-tech digital giants, are dominating almost everywhere. Almost is the keyword here, as in Russia both are clearly beaten by strong local competitors – Yandex and VK («VKontakte») respectively.

As Google is not only a search engine (considering the scope of the Alphabet portfolio), neither is Yandex, as it monopolizes the Russian market covering virtually every aspect of the modern digital economy: From search and browser services to self-driving cars, from AI and Data Science projects to food delivery platform, virtual currency, car sharing and taxi services. A few years ago, the latter has actually merged with Uber, who was unable to compete with Yandex Taxi and surrendered.

Lessons from the Local Russian Players

What is so special about these Russian companies? What can we learn from how these local players beat international world leaders? Should Digital Transformation be adjusted to and boosted by being local-digital rather than global-digital? What are the (and are there any) limits to the winning power of these digital Russian conglomerates?

During this webinar, Andrei Povaroff will explore and discuss these very questions.

Practical info

Date: 17 May 2021

Location: The webinar will take place online and registration is mandatory to access the webinar.

Price: (incl.btw)

This event is free of charge for students and AMS alumni

Non - Alumni: 25 EUR


11h30: Welcome

11h35: Presentation by Andrei Povaroff, AMS EMBA Alumnus

12h30 Q&A

13:00 End

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Andrei Povarov

Head of Training Operations, Learning Management, Luxoft. He is an executive manager with 15+ years of broad multi-functional experience in the IT industry: practical implementation of business expansion strategies, developing+launching new products for global markets, running country operations and large distributed units for international companies, delivering complex multi-vendor projects, leading business transformation, and adopting emerging technologies. Solid technical and managerial background: PhD in Computer Science and Executive MBA.