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Putting strategic thinking into action

Putting strategic thinking into action


27 04 22

More than just following the 'playbook'

As a business leader, you have to tackle unexpected challenges almost on a daily basis. So how can you develop an effective vision in times when existing systems and habits are constantly under pressure? How do you integrate complexity and uncertainty within your strategy? Which factors will lead to success?

The first step is to realize that old-school methods simply won’t do anymore. Next, you have to ACT upon that realization. But realizing and acting upon it are two different things. Putting strategic thinking into action is not an easy feat and entails more than just following the 'playbook'. It requires the skills of a smart equilibrist.

During this webinar, Prof. Dr. Steven Poelmans and Prof. Dr. Geert Scheipers engage in dialogue with two business leaders. They will explore insights, models and theories that can provide guidance, and they will discuss how to steer organizations through turbulent waters in a sustainable, people-oriented way.

About the lecturers

Prof. Geert Scheipers has 25 years of experience in strategy, management control & performance management. His expertise is situated in the field of strategy & policy, organizational optimization, management control systems and processes, digital transformation, performance and risk management.

Geert encourages executives and students to broaden their view on strategy and management, combining a practice in management consulting with an academic assignment.

Prof. dr. Steven Poelmans has been an organizational behavior and leadership professor for over 20 years at business schools in three continents. He has applied neuroscience for leadership research in his NeuroTrainingLab™, collecting and analyzing data of leaders-in-action, while collecting neurophysiologic indicators.

Steven has also trained and certified hundreds of managers and coaches in the Neuroscience of Leadership Academy, helping entrepreneurs in Spain, Chile, Peru, Belgium, and Brazil developing businesses applying neuroscience to leadership.

Practical information

Date: Wednesday April 27, 11.00 AM - 12.30 PM

Participation is free, registration is required

This webinar is part of our Wednesday Webinar Series (in Dutch)