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Virtual eMBA Peer Coaching Café

Virtual eMBA Peer Coaching Café

19 11 20

Did you know that the AMS eMBA is number one in Belgium? And to celebrate this tremendous achievement, we hope that you join our upcoming Virtual eMBA Peer Coaching Café on 19 November. Make sure to register on time and receive a package at home.

About the Event

this event is exclusively for eMBA alumni.

To help you navigate through these unusual market conditions, the eMBA alumni community gives you the opportunity to gather some snappy ideas from your peers.

Do you have a burning topic and want some professional advice? Eager to get some insights from your eMBA network when discussing different challenges in small groups? Or do you want to help your fellows in finding some answers on their challenges?

Then don’t miss out on our exclusive virtual eMBA Peer Coaching Café on 19 November.

How does it work?

Each participant will need to prepare a question that is keeping them busy, in the field of leadership, strategy, business growth or transformation. We will divide all participants in groups of max 5 people. Each participant has 4 minutes to explain their situation and ask their burning question. The other participants can share experiences and offer suggestions during 20 minutes.

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The peer coaching café offers you:

  • New insights and ready to use take-aways
  • Great interaction with fellow eMba alumni
  • The opportunity to network and get to know new people
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Practical Info

Date: November 19, 2020 from 20 till 21.30

This event is free of charge with a no show fee of 25 EUR.
Registration is mandatory

Receiving a nice Surprise*

When registering before November 7th, you will receive a nice surprise to make the session even more entertaining and to celebrate that our eMBA is the number one in Belgium. (*we might not be able to send out the packages to all countries)

Connecting before the event

We are happy to connect with you prior to the event by creating an EMBA alumni Whatsap group. So make sure to share your number when you register.

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