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Webinar: How startups and corporates can support…

How startups and corporates can support each other in times of crisis

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05 06 20

The current coronavirus crisis shows the importance of agility and adaptability: we all have to adjust to the new normal. Organizations that succeed best in rising to the challenge, may come out as winners from the crisis. Startups are almost by definition more agile and adaptive than corporates. After all, their startup-journey is never easy and changes every day.

What happens when these two parties start working together? How can collaborations between startups and corporates help both parties through the crisis?

In this webinar Andries Reymer and Vincent Molly share their expert knowledge on corporate venturing and illustrate how different forms of corporate venturing might benefit both startups and corporates in times of crisis.

Date & time: June 5th 2020, 13:00-14.30

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