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Disturbing geopolitical conflict impacting AMS community

maart 02, 2022

Disturbing geopolitical conflict impacting AMS community

As a business school with its mission and core values centered around global citizenship, critical reflection and positive impact, we are witnessing with deep sadness the Russian-Ukraine conflict. First and foremost, our thoughts are with all our students, alumni, colleagues, friends and partners who are impacted by the highly disturbing geopolitical situation. While our solidarity goes out to the Ukrainians who are faced with tremendous uncertainty and suffering, it equally goes out to our Russian friends and colleagues who do not support the war.

Unfortunately, the current geopolitical situation puts this at risk, and imposes boundaries to partnerships across borders, even if these partnerships are meant to fuel development of individuals and companies, and are meant to generate positive impact to society. It imposes boundaries in practical and operational terms, but more importantly in terms of diverging value frameworks.

We keep communication open with all our international partners. However, we are bound to temporarily suspend all operational activities relating to Russia, until a climate resurrects in which education and research is not overshadowed by political oppression.

As a global and inclusive AMS community, we stand together and will continue to connect beyond borders. Shared values of openness and respect are at the foundation of what we do every single day, and with a view to the future, we firmly believe that education and research can and should be catalysts for positive change and a thriving society.

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