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Re-integration after burnout
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Re-integration after burnout

Belgium is heading for half a million long-term sick people. In one in three, mental health problems, including burnout, are the cause. Remarkably, half of the people who had a burnout are afraid of relapse. Not without reason, as one in four of those who return to work effectively relapse. The direct and indirect costs to society, the employer and the individual are therefore high. Where do things go wrong? And how can employers, HR practitioners and consultants address it better?

The topic of this webinar zooms in on this. More specifically on the findings from the training course Re-Set: reintegration after burnout, which contains a complete step-by-step plan to tackle work resumption in a sustainable way. Both for the returning employee, as well as employer and managers. Its knowledge can also be used to prevent burnout.

(This webinar is in Dutch.)
Geluk Eva web
by Eva Geluk | February 3, 2023

During this webinar, you will gain insight into :

  • the four levers for successful reintegration after burnout;
  • the accompanying evidence-based toolbox with which you can facilitate the dialogue between employee and employer;
  • the neutral role of a Re-Set facilitator (= reintegration coach) and how this role differs from that of a coach;
  • some useful tips that you can get started with right away and how the training can add value.

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