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Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0

A profound research around what makes a company future-proof and how companies can adapt to industry 4.0, specifically in the manufacturing industry.

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Projectpartners KPMG
Duur mei 01, 2015 - april 30, 2018

Knowledge partnership

KPMG in Belgium officially signed a knowledge partnership with Antwerp Management School on July 1, 2015. This knowledge partnership contributes to the ongoing relationship between the two organizations. This particular partnership, which will run for 3 years, will develop a profound research around what makes a company future-proof and how companies can adapt to industry 4.0, specifically in the manufacturing industry.


Goal research project 'Industry 4.0'

Helping companies deal with these changes in a smart or smarter way is the ultimate goal of AMS Expertise Center Business Design & Innovation (former Competence Center Next Generation Industry). KPMG and Antwerp management School will help companies and organizations by transforming their businesses, advising them on just how they can become future-proof. The research project ‘Industry 4.0.’ will aid in achieving this goal, offering tools to transform and formulating advice on how to deal with volatile future perspectives. As part of discovering what makes a company future-proof, this project will focus on innovation and value creation, looking at how companies can not only survive but thrive in a changing environment.

Companies in all sectors will need to adapt their current business models and strategy to cope with changing market dynamics. To be able to deploy the scarce resources in a business environment that becomes ever more competitive, changes will have to be made with regard to technology, people, and organizations.

Changes in the market occur faster than ever and organizations are facing difficulties of all sorts. More ‘agile’ decision making processes and working environments are therefore becoming more important.

— Senior Partner KPMG in Belgium

The classical business models always appeared to be the ‘best practices’, they got the job done and even lead to real success. But to make it in the long run in this changing world, managers will need to go beyond these traditional methods.

— Advisory Partner KPMG in Belgium

We share the same goals with KPMG: providing manufacturing companies and their managers with practical insights and inspiration so that they have the necessary tools to future-proof their organization.

— Dean Antwerp Management School


For participating in the study, companies received:

  • Assessment of the company’s current position in taking on the challenges the future holds
  • A report with the survey results, so they can see how the company compares with its peers
  • The possibility to be awarded a Triple A Label by KMPG
  • Companies awarded the Triple A label were be invited to join KPMG’s business club
  • Invitation to the Smart Always Wins Event

Insights into areas that can be improved and how they can make the necessary adaptions to become a smarter company.

Industry 4.0: when machines communicate with one another

Smart machines, smart materials and smart data: the fourth industrial revolution, also known as ‘Industry 4.0, mixes up business models at record speed. Companies that don’t adapt, won’t survive.

Read (Dutch article): http://smartalwayswins.kpmg.be/landing-page/industry-4.0/industry-4.0-when-machines-communicate1