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About this program

The professionalization of the cultural and creative sector constantly demands more from operators of museums, theaters, cultural centers, libraries, music centers and other cultural establishments. Those who work in the cultural and creative sectors are faced with the challenge of combining the creative and business aspects to a strong whole.

This training offers you the skills and knowledge to accomplish exactly that. It’s not our intention to have you sitting comfortably in plush, red seats and enjoying the ‘act’ the teachers put up. As soon as the curtain opens, we expect input and interaction from participants. We intentionally leave room for discussions reflection on challenges relevant to the sector.

Learning objectives

After following this program:

  • You have gained insight into the current scientific knowledge in the domain of cultural policy, you understand its relevance within a cultural organization and can apply it where necessary.
  • You can scientifically detect and analyze complex issues of cultural policy with an open and critical attitude and you can come up with creative solutions from an interdisciplinary frame of mind.
  • You are able to critically evaluate the institutional and policy context of culture and take these into account when analyzing a problem in management and the suggestions for a solution.


The module ‘Management in care’ is part of the Postgraduate Management in care. This postgraduate course consists of 4 modules, which can be followed separately, and a personal leadership trajectory:


  • Executives, staff members and specialists from the broad cultural sector who want to increase their management expertise, develop themselves further and get a wider view of their organization.
  • Professionals who already have management experience and would like to start working in the cultural and creative sectors.


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Need advice in selecting the right program? I'm here to help.


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Need advice in selecting the right program?
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