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Tailored company tracks

Life Learning Workshops

Interactive workshops

All our Life Learning Workshops are short, interactive, and engaging. Their objectives and topics can hold a wide variety, but are always tailored to your organizations’ needs and learning goals:

  • Topics that support and enhance the leadership potential of your team
  • Engaging material to make powerful teams
  • Support to boost innovation or organizational change
  • State-of-the-art knowledge, insights, and tools to equip your managers or team

Other benefits of the AMS Life Learning Workshops:

  • You can choose between live in-person learning, virtual lessons, or a combination of both.
  • You always get real-time feedback and gain expertise through peer-to-peer learning.
  • All our workshops are interactive, challenging, and intriguing. They equip your employees with the knowledge and confidence to lead, work, and succeed in rapidly changing times.

Som inspiraton for Life Learning Workshops

Business management

  • Managing strategy in uncertain times
  • Resilient global supply chains
  • Accelerating growth
  • Future leadership
  • Financial performance
  • Finance essentials
  • Sustainable finance
  • Employee engagement & experience design
  • Change management

Strategic innovation

  • Innovation excellence
  • Digital business models
  • Innovation & intrapreneurship
  • Innovation team dynamics
  • Meaningful innovation
  • Digital technologies

Organizational transformation

  • Digital transformation
  • Virtual collaboration & remote team management
  • Leading tech disruption
  • Organizational networks
  • Value driven transformation and leadership
  • Innovative labor organization

Leadership growth

  • Neuroscience of leadership
  • Third generation leadership
  • Sustainable leadership
  • High performing teams
  • Leadership & personal growth
  • Reinforcing team cohesion
  • Building an inclusive & diverse culture

A few topics highlighted

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Dora munteanu

Want to know more about our Life Learning Workshops?

Dora Munteanu

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Want to know more about our Life Learning Workshops?