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Inspiring keynotes

Are you looking for a speaker to inspire, motivate or enthuse your team, department or organization? Do you need someone to bring new insights to the organization? Or are you looking for a top speaker for an external event?

Our speakers deliver the keynote in person or in a live virtual setting. They adjust their speeches according to group sizes, levels of interaction, and formats. An average keynote session takes 90 minutes to a half-day.

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A few of our topics

  • Accelerating business in uncertain times
  • Resilient global supply chains
  • Roadmap to a sustainability-inspired, purpose-driven organization
  • Sustainable transformation by creating integrated value
  • Unless we go to circular, it's game over for the planet
  • Why learning for sustainable mindsets and inclusive workplaces matters
  • Women’s leadership
  • Leave your mark: the search for purpose, learning and resilience
  • Talent retention in a hybrid workplace
  • Digital business models
  • Innovation team dynamics
  • ...


Some of our much sought-after speakers

Prof. Steven Poelmans

Steven Poelmans delivers keynotes on neuroscience and leadership research, focusing on topics such as paradoxes of leadership, high performance and well-being, how to maintain brain balance at an individual and organizational level, high-performance global virtual teams, cross-cultural communication, the neuroscience of motivation and vision development etc.

Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser:

Wayne Visser is an expert in topics relating to sustainable transformation, creating integrated value, purpose-inspired leadership, circular economy and future-proof businesses. He demonstrates how systems thinking can turn the five global forces of breakdown (disruption, disparity, degradation, disconnection and discontent) into five pathways to innovation (secure, shared, sustainable, smart and satisfying).

Prof. Dr. Bart Cambré

Bart Cambré mainly delivers keynotes on how to build and manage organizational networks, innovative organizational design, innovation across organizational boundaries and the importance of social capital. Other topics are organizing in a different way and scientific errors in daily management thinking.

Prof. Dr. Ans De Vos

Ans De Vos is an inspirational keynote speaker on the future of work, addressing timely topics such as the rise of non-standard forms of employment, the impact of digitization on jobs and employability, challenges pertaining to the sustainability of careers, and how to engage workers in their career self-management. She addresses how different stakeholders need to break through traditional ways of managing careers and embrace a new career model centered on employability, work ability, growth and connection.

Prof. Dr. Robin De Cock

Robin De Cock specializes in topics on business innovation, corporate venturing and acceleration, technology entrepreneurship, technology and the market, lean start-up, lean team building and working. He has been a global speaker at conferences in North America, Europe, China and at companies in various industries. He also gave keynotes at various technology and entrepreneurship events.