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Global Citizen Award

Global Citizen Award

Global Citizen Award

Every two years, Antwerp Management School (AMS) awards an exceptional and inspiring person who has a lasting impact on our society with the Global Citizen Award.

This prestigious award is the recognition for a ‘role model’ leader who has focused on integrating and spreading a number of values during their career that are high on AMS’ agenda. In particular, the areas of self-consciousness, global perspective, and societal consciousness, which all contribute to a better collaboration, creativeness to find solutions for complex problems, and sustainability.

Our Global Citizens

Thomas Bergström
2011 Global Citizen
Former CEO of Inter Ikea Systems BV

Count Jacques Rogge
2012 Global Citizen
Former President of the International Olympic Committee (sports)

Baron Peter Piot
2015 Global citizen
Directeur London School of H

Dries Van Noten
2019 Global Citizen

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
2017 Global citizen
Oprichter Rosas P.A.R.T.S

Global Citizenship Artwork

This piece of art is meant to inspire our participants to think about "Global Citizenship", and represents the young and international character of Antwerp Management School.
Can you identify the origin of the passports? From left to right: Macao, Turkey, Mexico, China, Tajikistan, Thailand, Norway, US, Belgium and UK.
The theme for the artwork was "Global Citizenship", as this is one of the pillars of Antwerp Management School.

The artist has chosen images from passports that represent nature. Because nature is our most important asset we have on our planet. Other images feel more spiritual, as spirituality should help us in our path to Global Citizenship, and in the pursuit of its values. The clips taken from the passports have been spaced throughout the artwork and are placed in globes and spheres. This gives the idea of planets in the universe.

Recap film: