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Antwerp Management School is situated in the historical center of the city of Antwerp. With its location in the heart of Europe, the School has many strengths.

Combining the charm and tradition of a rich history with the vigor and progress of modern industrial Flanders, Antwerp is a city with a distinctive character. In the 16th century, Antwerp became the main commercial center of Western Europe. Churches, museums and historical buildings bear witness to this golden age. The city remains one of Europe’s major industrial centers. The Port of Antwerp, the fourth largest in the world, plays an important role in international trade and Antwerp’s petrochemical industry is second only to Houston, Texas. Antwerp is also known as the world center of diamond trade, its volume being by far the largest in the world. On top of that, Antwerp has become one of the most important trendsetters in fashion, and a lot of famous international fashion designers live in Antwerp.

Foreign students will also appreciate the city’s central location in Europe. Brussels, the Belgian capital and now commonly called ‘the Capital of Europe’, is only a thirty-minute train ride away. Throughout the ages, trade in Antwerp has been internationally oriented. Paris, London, Cologne, Frankfurt and Amsterdam are within 300 kilometers of the city and can easily be reached by car, train or airplane. The Dutch-speaking citizens of Antwerp are also quite used to speaking English, French and German. Foreigners and tourists experience no problems in making themselves understood, as half of the population speaks 3 languages.

The Antwerp Management School is located in the historical center of the city of Antwerp. In the year 2000, after an award-winning renovation, a splendid 15th-century mansion called Het Brantijser became the new home of the Management School. Other university campuses are within walking distance. The school can easily be reached by public transportation.