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EMBA Disruptive Sessions - Mission Zero – a…

EMBA Disruptive Sessions - Mission Zero – a disruptive seminar on sustainable transformation

06 05 22

EMBA Disruptive Sessions

Update your knowledge with current and up to date topics in Management

For the first edition of our EMBA Disruptive Sessions, the topic of Business as usual is over. What’s next? will be addressed by Prof. Dr. Carla Koen, Professor of Technology Strategy and Entrepreneurship, University of Tilburg will be your keynote.

About the Session

Climate change, biodiversity collapse, material shortage and a host of other global challenges have significant implications for business. It is increasingly recognized that "business as usual" is over and that this applies to all sectors of our economies, albeit with different speed and timing. The direction of change can be ambiguous as it involves a mix of often conflicting influences, ranging from policy, market, social, activist and legal to financial pressures.

The keynote will briefly discuss how the main global challenges will affect business in the next decade. It addresses the question of how we should tackle our global problems if we want to tackle the root causes. Based on research and work with companies in various sectors, I will then provide insights into solution approaches and strategies currently in use, including implications for financing, contracting, collaboration and business models.

This discussion is framed within the broader context of the European Green Deal, the EU Taxonomy, the Circular Economy (which is part of the Green Deal) and financial authorities and investor demands to understand and manage the climate- and broader environmental risk and exposures of financial and non-financial organizations (including their supply chains).