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Shift towards circular fashion
Shift towards circular fashion

Webinar - Shift towards circular fashion

08 10 20


AMS is pleased to partner with Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) by participating in the Fashion Match Week 2020. Now more than ever, in the changing fashion industry and especially in the times of COVID-19, we understand the importance of finding the right partner for business, production, innovation and technology.

About Fashion Match Week 2020
During the Fashion Match Week 2020, an initiative of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), you will be able to get in touch with interesting companies and increase your international network with suitable potential partners from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.
Each day from 5 till 9 October, informative workshops, webinars and plenary sessions will be held by different hosts.

Discover the full program of the Fashion Match Week 2020

Webinar 8 October - Shift towards circular Fashion

On October 8th, as part of the Fashion Match Week, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship together with Antwerp Management School will host the webinar ‘Shift towards circular fashion'.

Detailed Program - 8 October 10.00 – 11.00AM

  • Welcome; by Prof. Dr. Annick Schramme, Academic Director of the International Fashion Management Master at AMS
  • Why make the shift towards circular fashion/textiles? With examples from the Belgian fashion industry; by Rozanne Henzen, researcher at the Expertise Center for Sustainable Transformation at AMS and author of the Little book on Circular economy for Dummies (in Dutch)
  • Circular business models for the fashion industry; by Walter Van Andel, PhD researcher on entrepreneurship and creativity at the University of Antwerp
  • Best practice from the Flemish fashion industry; by Mark MJ Vandevelde, Founder of KOMRADS
  • Close The Loop, a tool developed by Flanders DC and Circular Flanders to guide fashion entrepreneurs through the basics of a more sustainable way of working; by Jasmien Wynants, Flanders DC

This webinar is free of charge. Register here.